The best time to travel to the most famous destinations

Sit back, unwind, and relax; this is all a person wants after the exhausting and tedious routine of life. Vacations are the best time to travel to some amazing places and do some self-reflection. Plenty of travel guides are available online to help you plan your trip. But no one will be able to tailor a travel journey to suit your needs.

We are here with an exclusive travel suggestion guide where you can pick a month of your choice and we will recommend you the hottest destination to visit in that month. Should we lock the deal? We won’t let you wait anymore so let’s roll in.


January days put forward the best time to travel to the British Virgin Islands or otherwise known as ‘Nature’s little secrets.’ A series of 60 islands; the Virgin Islands are packed with extensive pristine beaches, adventurous water sports, plenty of opportunities to bask in the warm sun, and vibrant nightlife. Enchanting islands let you sail in the Caribbean waters while enjoying a break from the winter season. Take a ferry to ‘The Baths’ to adore the most enchanting display of gorges or hit upon ‘Sage Mountain National Park’; the island is no short of inviting destinations.

Where to go in February

Are you not a summer person? Here is a winter treat for you in Whistler-British Columbia-Canada that has in store an endless series of treats for adventurous souls. February will prove to be the perfect time to visit this exotic resort. Enjoying skiing on an enchanting terrain encompassing the two mountains is quite an exhilarating experience in itself. Take ski lessons, hop on a snowboard, enjoy ice skating, sign up for chilling zip-line, or step out in the pedestrian-only village; the resort is all set to treat you with an exotic travel experience.


It is high time to visit London when it enjoys a break from the rainy season and gets dipped in the warmth of Spring hues as March sets in. Parks and gardens blooming with a beautiful palette of flowers make London much more adorable. Explore the Portobello Road Market by the evening hours to shop from the amazing displays of antiques, beauty, fashion & clothing, and tempting food. Apart from the famous city attractions, you can enjoy the refreshing vibe of Hyde Park where gardens, wildlife, and fountains graciously welcome you to London life.

Top destinations to visit in April

Machu Picchu with its laid-back vibe & a historical cum cultural stamp is loaded with endless hits to explore that will leave you in awe and surprise. This setting embarks the ancient signs of a sacred Incan city. Aqueducts, temples, gardens, and artefacts of historical significance grant this place special importance for history buffs. April in Machu Picchu is the suitable time to visit as it comes with slight rain showers but considerably less crowd that will give you a perfect opportunity to experience and capture the true colours of this ancient city behind the lens.


the ideal time to visit Barcelona

May proves the best time to travel to Barcelona just before it gets hit by the scorching heatwaves. The city vibe of Barcelona is all about art, architecture, and culture. The heat and humidity of this seaside Spain city are rightly tuned to explore the major attractions of the city including Antoni Gaudi’s Whimsical Park Guell, Picasso Museum, Casa Mila, La Sagrada Familia, and many more down the list. Visiting Mediterranean beaches open a doorway to serenity and tranquillity, be it the beach of Nova Mar Bella, Banys del Forum, or Llevant.

June: the best time to travel to Paris

Visit Paris in May

June is the perfect time to visit cheerful Paris bathed in the warm sunshine. The festivities spring in the summer season so get ready to be welcomed by a swarm of music concerts, cultural festivals, and a buzz of night parties. Hit upon the city’s famous attractions such as Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, and Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris. The romantic air of Paris calls for a romantic dinner on Seine Cruise. The ambience and serenity of the place will make you fall in love with it. Do not miss out to spend some hours at Disneyland Park.


The stunning old town of Porto is located by the magnificent landscape of the Douro River. July is the best time to visit Porto as it qualifies to be the perfect destination to escape the summery vibe of Europe. Be it its historic six bridges, or the impressive Beaux-Arts, Baroque Churches, and other historical buildings dotted around the city; the vibe of the city is much gripping and enchanting. Do not miss out on the music and wine festivals in the city popping up in July.

The best places to visit in August

Nestled on the Eastern coast of the United States, ‘Outer Banks’ qualifies all the exciting reasons to be on your August bucket list. August days are the perfect time to visit islands to enjoy unspoiled beauty scattered everywhere. The expansive coastal region includes the glittering beach fronts as well as Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Head towards the Kill Devil Hills where famous aviators; Orville and Wilbur kicked off their first flights. Adventurous activities are there to welcome you including fishing, windsurfing, waterboarding, paragliding, kayaking, and the list goes on.

September: The perfect time for the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon September

September is a high time to visit and experience the deepest gorge of the world as the temperature is mild and crowds are thin. Grand Canyon stationed by the Colorado River in Arizona is packed with the most extensive displays of rich biodiversity. Be it Grand Canyon National Park, Kaibab National Forest, or Grand Canyon Village by the southern rim; the place does not fail to impress. Trek on Bright Angel Trail or head towards the Northern rim for some hardcore trekking experience; the journey is completely engaging, fulfilling, and exciting.

October: the best time to travel to Bali

Thin crowds, cheap deals, dry weather; October is the suitable time to visit Bali with the ideal conditions falling in place. This utopian island needs no introduction as it is quite a popular hotshot among holiday travellers. Imagining visiting an enchanting landscape with lakes & waterfalls, expansive gardens, rice fields, and active volcanoes instantaneously raise the excitement bar. With a luxurious spa, mouthwatering cuisine, and an endless series of pristine beaches to enjoy sun-basking; Bali is the perfect place to pamper your vacation mood. Swing with a glass of wine at night parties of Kuta beach to spice up the fun.


Maui comes up as a perfect blend of space, crowd, and bustling life when one explores the island of Huawei. Come across the wildlife, enjoy local culture and festivities, play golf in an exotic coastal setting, swing on a zipline, snorkel with sea turtles, or bask in the sun on the beach; the hotshots of Maui are on point. Hit upon the Huawei Volcanoes National Park to add some thrill to your journey. November will prove the best time to travel to Maui as you will catch your favourite deals even on a low budget and with thin crowds in the town. What do you want more?

December: the perfect time to travel to Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand

December days offer the most suitable time to travel to Phuket island as it arrives with a receding rainy season, more shiny days, and calm sea opening doorway to watersports. Pamper yourself with the sun basking on soft sand by the Patong beach. Kayaking, Kite surfing, Snorkeling, and wakeboarding are ready to thrill you to the next level of excitement. Stop by Big Buddha, Phang Nga Bay, Similan Island, Wat Chalong, Karon Beach, and Samet Naghshe for some of the most picturesque sightseeing.

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