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An excessive number of visitors think that they can see enough of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam on a short road trip out of Ho Chi Minh City. But trust me, there is far more than one pagoda and a floating market.

This place really deserves more than one evening from your time schedule and this article will tell you why. It tends to be a little terrifying when you think to visit on your own, however, that is the most fun part of the trip! You can be as adventurous as you like.

About The Mekong Delta?

The Mekong delta, Vietnam is located in Cambodia and Southern Vietnam and is the 12th largest river in the world.

Do you still think one day is enough to explore the place? 

Mekong delta

Why Do You Need To Visit Mekong Delta, Vietnam?

It is a universe of lovely atmosphere, pleasant sights, and the friendliest local people, for which the Mekong Delta should be on the top of your list if you travel to Vietnam someday.

But before anything else, a great preparation is the key to any smooth journey experience.

So stick around, because we are about to share with you a few tips that everyone wishes to know before heading out to the Mekong Delta, Vietnam without a guided tour. It is safe In Mekong Delta if you wish to travel by public transport as long as you are aware of what you are doing.

The Best Time To Visit Mekong Delta

At the start of the rainy season, from April to the start of June, the climate is the most enjoyable at the Delta. Visiting Mekong Delta, Vietnam during this time will bring you fascinating celebrations,

From June to September, at the height of the rainy season, it will be genuinely hot and muggy, while October and November are the months with floods in the Mekong Delta. To summarize the climate, a visit to the Mekong Delta is amazing throughout the year with seasonal foods and wonderful views.

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What To Eat ?

People here are good at making new, tasty cuisines. Aren’t you excited to try some?

So, are you asking yourself ‘what to eat in the Mekong Delta?’.

It is a difficult question to respond to considering the fact that there are endless treats to choose from. We provided a list below for your convenience too. 

The best dishes in Mekong delta Vietnam are:

  • Vietnamese Pancake – Banh xeo
  • Fish Noodle Soup – Bun Ca
  • Salted Fish Hot Pot – Lau mam
  • Snakehead Fish Rice Porridge (congee) – Chao ca loc
  • Rat Meat – Thit chuot
  • Coconut Worm – Duong dua
  • My Tho Noodle Soup
mekong river food

Must-Visit Places

Traveling without a tour guide makes you more outgoing and exploring as you are free to roam around wherever you like. There would be no hurry. Here are a few must-visit temples

  • Doi temple
  • Phat Lon temple
  • Vinh Trang temple
  • Khmer Pothisomron temple
  • Truc Lam Phuong Nam temple
  • Kh’leang temple

Don’t you want to see the beautiful exteriors and structures of these temples? You can click this site for more noteworthy information about the histories of temples in the Mekong delta, Vietnam. 

Step By Step Manual To Visit Mekong Delta From Ho Chi Minh City

There are plenty of packaged tours from Saigon to the Mekong Delta. However, if you need to visit on your own, you totally can. It is pretty simple and easy if you plan well.

Step 1: Take a Phuang Trang Bus from Saigon. Transports depart for Can Tho after every 30-60 minutes. Purchase your transport ticket (110,000 Dong, $4.83, per ticket) upon the arrival of the flight from the Phuang Trang office area

Step 2: When you buy your ticket, free transport will take you to the bus stop one hour before your transport leaves. Visiting with public transport will be an easier step next as it won’t waste your time; the bus will only take 30 minutes.

Step 3: There’s a cooled sitting area with a screen showing the transport plan with transport numbers. The drive took 3 hours and 10 minutes to reach Can Tho. Traveling with public transport can be a little hectic, but trust me, it’s worth it. Do you want to book your tickets? Head over to their website and book tickets online from 12Go. Away.

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Things To Do

Floating Life In Mekong Delta

I’ll repeat myself; your visit to the Mekong Delta Vietnam won’t be finished if you didn’t experience the boat trip at the Mekong Delta River. If you don’t sit on a boat (called a ‘sampan’) and oar your way down the stream under palm trees, you will be missing out.

The markets open early around 3 AM – 4 AM and get occupied around 5 AM – 6 AM since people love to experience the boat trip in the Mekong Delta River during the day.

Riding Bicycles In Early Morning Across Villages

Cycling is one of the most famous, vivid approaches to see the Delta. If you are visiting on our own it’s better to take a Mekong Delta Map from Navigation. Map so there would be no chance of you getting lost somewhere. Don’t you want to experience all this? Book your bicycle from My Vietnam Rides for Mekong Delta Vietnam Now.

Net Fishing

Mekong Delta river streams and lakes are simply ideal for a series of fishing. Either sit with your projecting post, believing that your lunch will get trapped on your bait, or just or Roll up your jeans and get into the river water and become a little messy. 

Sounds like a relaxing vacation, no? 

Where To Stay

Minh Vuong Hotel is the guesthouse in Can Tho (Address: 25 Phan Dang Luu, An Hoi, Ninh Kieu). Can Tho is the heart of the Mekong Delta Vietnam. It’s an economic place and yet cleaned and pretty. The owner is incredibly skillful in sorting out visits.

Price details: $9 per night. Pretty reasonable, no?

Adora Central Park Hostel is also a great budget-friendly option to stay in Can Tho. In addition to that, if you’re traveling without a tour guide you can save even more money. For more Recommendations of Hotel in Can Tho click here.

Essentials For Your Trip

Before you take off for Mekong Delta, here are some essentials things you might need if you are visiting on your own.

  • Bring extra filtered water bottles with yourself.  
  • If you are visiting on public transport bring some sanitizers and preventive medication
  • Wondering What to wear in Mekong delta? Well, make sure you bring light and summer clothes with you.
  • Use sunscreens, mosquito, and bug repellent.   
  • Use big sunglasses
  • Bring your flashlights with you. 

After reading this article, we are sure you might be a little more confident in visiting the Mekong Delta, Vietnam without a guided tour. We hope you have the best time there!

Mekong Delta Vietnam: The ultimate guide before visiting| TripTrop
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Mekong Delta Vietnam: The ultimate guide before visiting| TripTrop
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