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Also known as Banff Alberta, the park was the first national park in Canada. What could be more exciting than visiting Banff national park in winter? And that too without a guide when you will be able to explore it all on your own!

Yes, you heard me absolutely right. If you’re wondering how then search no more. Because you’ve stumbled upon the right article. While winter vacations are just around the corner what more could one want than to make the most out of the season; by visiting the mountainous park, enjoying the scenic view and the cherry on top is, the view is accompanied by multiple activities that will suit your purpose of being there. 

Since you are travelling without a guide this article includes some useful information that might come handy. For more tours, check our guides in Canada for independent travelers.
Let’s make you wait no further and give you a step by step guide that is going to help you in planning your day tour to Banff!

Distance From Calgary To Banff National Park

Planning to visit banff national park in winter always starts with transportion.

The park is located along with the Trans – Canada highway,  approximately 126km (or 78 miles) west of Calgary and 58km east of Lake Louise.

The park is located in Alberta, hence also known as Banff Alberta. After making it to your destination i.e Canada, you’re now supposed to make it to the rockies in Alberta.

Banff National Park Wildlife Crossing

The Park is home to 50 mammal species. Visiting Banff National Park in winter will also bring you the perks of enjoying the wildlife along.

Banff National Park Tours

Step By Step Guide

<strong>Step 1: Head To The Banff National Park</strong>“></div><div class=

Step 1: Head To The Banff National Park

You shouldn’t be very concerned about the opening hours of the Banff national parkas it is open 24 hours. Quite convenient, don’t you think?
However, it is suggested to leave for the park early morning so that you don’t miss out on anything at all during your visit to Banff national park in winter. You will have a blast spending your day at the magical place which will feel no less than a fairytale experience. 
Much of the drive consists of mountain highways so you don’t have to stress too much about the long drive. The beautiful and breathtaking view will definitely keep you engaged throughout. Doesn’t it sound like the road to paradise already?

Step 2: Banff National Park Ticket

Let’s buy our ticket for visiting banff national park in winter.
The entrance ticket will cost you $10 for an adult while $8.40 for a senior. For a family/group it would cost you around $20 and for a commercial group it would cost you $8.40. Not very expensive, if you ask me.

Step 3: Renting Winter Equipment 

Visiting banff national park in winter requires packing a winter kit with you if you want to save some bucks. However, you can also rent the equipment from Banff national park if carrying the equipment all over to the park seems like a hassle to you! 
Long and warm set of undergarment clothing (shirt and warm tights).
Snow pants
The mid-layer should consist of fleece
Waterproof ski jacket
A puffy jacket will definitely come in handy
Next, there are a lot of activities that you will be able to carry out during the day tour. Keep reading to find out!
<strong>Step 4: Sleigh Rides And Dogsled Tours </strong>“></div><div class=

Step 4: Sleigh Rides And Dogsled Tours 

Doesn’t it sound like the perfect way to engage yourself in the day tour? 
This definitely should have been in your bucket list! Riding through the sleighs with mistletoes everywhere is very adventurous and since it’s winter, you’ll catch glimpses of Christmas decorations everywhere as well! This might take you approximately 2 hours. Imagine the beautiful view and the winter wind hugging you. Is that an experience you want to miss out on? Definitely NOT especially when you are visiting Banff national park in winter!
<strong>Step 5: Snowmobiling And Snowtubing </strong>“></div><div class=

Step 5: Snowmobiling And Snowtubing 

Next you can try snowmobiling and snowtubing! Yet another opportunity you definitely do not want to miss out on. It’s an experience which will definitely make your serotonin levels rise and give you a lot to remember! If you are with some friends, the experience can be even better! 

Step 6: Take A Break And Enjoy A Good Meal

After a whole lot of fun and energizing activities. You will be looking forward to the best part, YOUR MEAL! You would have already spent half your day in fun activities and the rest of the day is going to demand more energy
In order for you to enjoy your visit to Banff national park in winterin full zeal, you should make a stop for a scrumptious meal to feed your tastebuds and tummy and be ready for the other half of the experience that is yet awaiting you. 
The options that you might find at the Banff are:
Melissa’s Mistake
Banff Ave
Maple leaf
St James Gate
Earls Banff

Step 7: Trying Out The Gondolas And Chairlifts

Don’t we all feel a little lazy just after having lunch? If that’s your case too, we have got your back this time too. The Gondola is located a five-minute drive from Banff. Our step by step guide is designed rightly so that you enjoy your experience to the fullest without feeling tired by the end of your thrilling adventure. 
The gondolas and chairlift will provide you a relaxing yet delightful experience providing you with the most beautiful views. And yes! While you’re at it don’t forget to walk a little through the sulphur mountains and visit the Cosmic Ray Station. while visiting Banff national park in winter.

Step 8: Lastly, Try Out The Heli-Skiing

The last activity before you end your day has to be the skiing adventure. If you plan your activities just as we have mentioned, you will not be skipping anything and you’ll be exploring all what you should explore when visiting banff national park in winter
You will take home with you a memory of a lifetime filled with adventurous experiences and informative history facts.

Step 9: Relaxing Dinner At Sky Bistro

Don’t forget to wrap up your day by stopping at sky bistro for some delicious food. It is one of the best stops for food. You know what’s even more exciting? That your day has ended but the chain of beautiful sights doesn’t end yet! 
Now you can finally sit back and enjoy just stargazing with your favourite people and favourite choice of foods right there in that moment. The photogenic sight is worth capturing and blessing your Instagram feeds.


Food items Carry with yourself enough water and some peanuts or dry fruits to munch on.
Clothing Keep an extra pair of warm clothing with you in case something gets dirty and you need to change.
Extras Keep yourself some sunscreen, a first aid kit, Mosquito repellents, and some aspirin.

To summarize the article, the entire experience of visiting Banff national park in winter will be both thrilling and relaxing at the same time. It is one of the most exciting experiences. Do justice to yourself by completing all the steps we mentioned so there’s nothing you miss out on and lastly don’t forget to share your experience with us!

Visiting Banff National Park In Winter: A step by step guide
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Visiting Banff National Park In Winter: A step by step guide
Visiting Banff national park in winter is an exciting experience. Check our complete step by step guide to plan your day trip.
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