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How many of us have actually seen an active volcano, let alone standing on the edge of the crater? Having made it several times, I can say that it is a beautiful experience, and if you have a chance to visit Mount Bromo to see it, the only thing I can tell you is to definitely go.

Mount Bromo Tour Package

If you are planning to Visit mount Bromo, you will surely find a broad range of tours available from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang, and many smaller nearby towns.

However, for budget tourists, this might not be the correct option. So if you’re like the one who’d rather miss tours and won’t mind hiking, then keep reading, as you’ll learn what you need to know about hiking Mount Bromo and how to explore it free of charge without a guide

The Best Time To Hike Mount Bromo

The best time to visit and hike Mount Bromo would be during the dry period, from April to October. The National Park is accessible to tourists throughout the year. 

How To Get There?

Initially, let’s begin with some logistics. You just can’t tour Mount Bromo without really learning where it is, right? Mount Bromo is situated in East Java, one of several major islands in Indonesia. It’s about 10 hours away from Yogyakarta’s town if you travel by train and 6 hours away from the blue lava volcano, Mount Ijen. Take a look at this Mount Bromo Map, giving you a more precise description of Mount Bromo’s location.

mont bromo location

Travel From Bali To Mount Bromo

To visit Mount Bromo from Bali, follow the bellow steps:

  1. Choose a train for transport to Probolingo, which is the cheapest and fastest choice for a solo traveler. The trains are comfortable and tidy, so it’s a good journey. I encourage you to book your tickets ahead of time since trains can get packed.
  2. It is more suitable to get things done beforehand such as booking the tickets online otherwise you can also get the tickets from the local train station.
  3. It’ll take you 3 to 4 hours to get to Mount Bromo from Surabaya. So you will need to leave early in the morning in Surabaya and go to Probolinggo (the base of Mount Bromo). The train trip will only take you 2 hours but catch the train as early as possible.

Travel From Jogyakarta To Probolinggo

You can take train transport from Jogyakarta to Probolinggo, which will take you about 7 hours. It’s a long ride, but they’ve got plug-ins to recharge your battery, and thankfully the train isn’t too crowded to lie down on the benches and nap for a bit.

Travel From Probolinggo To Cemoro Lawang

Buses are running from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang, and they always leave until a specific time. When you’re coming from Jogyakarta by train, you can’t catch a bus so that you can take a minivan to the mountain village of Cemoro Lawang.

Advantages Of Going Without A Guided Tour

There are several advantages of going on tour without a tour guide. You can thoroughly visit Mount Bromo on your own without someone standing on your head, imposing the guide rules cause frankly, nobody likes that!

Moreover, you can go wherever and whenever you want without any time constraint to keep in mind. And lastly, the most significant benefit of visiting Mount Bromo without a tour guide is the expense cut. You can focus on just spending on and for yourself. Don’t you think this would be way less costly than carrying the guided tour expense load?

Mount Bromo Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to mount Bromo is 220.000 IDR.

Here is a table that covers all the expenses to visit Mount Bromo without a tour guide.

Activity Cost ($)
Train from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo 76.000 IDR
Microbus train station – bus terminal  5.000 IDR
from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang  75.000 IDR
Mount Bromo Jeep Tour  50.000 IDR
Entrance Fee 220.000 IDR
Minibus from Cemoro Lawang to Probolinggo 40.000 IDR

Mount Bromo Hotels (Indonesia)

Lava View Lodge Mount Bromo

Lava View Lodge is only 15 min walking from Mount Bromo. You can make your booking here.

Here is the rates for a Double Bungalow.

Regular Rate IDR. 800.000
High Season IDR. 880.000
Ied Mubarak & Peak Season IDR. 960.000

Others Hotels Before Arriving

So when you’re either in Probolinggo or Cemoro Lawang, you will probably be thinking where to stay, right? Both locations have ample options, and they can conveniently be reserved online in advance, just to make sure you have a spot to relax for the night.

  1. The Clover Homestay in Probolinggo is one of the best spots to stay at. The guesthouse rooms are tidy, with AC, individual showers and beds are some of the most luxurious. On top of that, the Homestay managers are friendly, informative, and happy to tell you everything you wish to know!
  2. Sedulur Homestay in Cemoro Lawang is one of the cheapest hotels that could be booked online.  If you’re a budget traveler, and you’re looking for a homestay with a convenient spot to do Bromo without a guide, then check out this homestay.

Food To Eat Near Mount Bromo

Cemoro Lawang is a very small village and has little options, but there are a few restaurants on the main street. A restaurant named Warung Puput is thoroughly recommended if you’re visiting Mount Bromo. It’s very small, but here you can get nice traditional Indonesian food. Nasi Pecel is a wonderful famous dish and it’s not expensive at all. This little restaurant gives the vibe of being in winter sports. People there wear heavy coats and caps and enjoy hot drinks to keep warm.

Clothes To Wear For Mount Bromo

With the exception of the rest of Indonesia, the weather conditions around Mount Bromo get extremely low at night. You certainly ought to wear some long pants and multiple inner layers. You can purchase winter coats, scarfs, and gloves from one of the many street vendors in Cemoro Lawang. Convenient, right?

Clothes needed to visit mount bromo

Rules And Regulations

  1. Stay careful, it’s going to be slick on the side of the crater and on the gravel tracks, the only thing you need to avoid till last is to slip there!
  2. Carry warm clothes and stuff if you get extremely cold, you’re not going to get cold while hiking, but on the hilltop, while waiting for the sun to rise, it’s going to get freezing cold.
  3. Cover the mouth as you reach the Sea of Sand and the peak of the Mount Bromo volcano. There’s a lot of dust emerging from the sand which you shouldn’t inhale. Better keep your lungs safe for the climb back while standing on the top of the volcano.  

Visit the Mount Bromo and the sea of sand on two separate days, believe me, doing both on one day would be exhausting. Hiking across the sea of sands and back is safely 9 km, the same holds for the viewpoint, all of which have to go up and down the mountain!


To summarize, this article covered all you need to learn about exploring and hiking Mount Bromo without a tour guide! You can not just save money but also have fun exploring the area on your own! 

If you are backpacking Southeast Asia, check our step by step guides here to plan your hikes and daily trips.

Mount Bromo is an amazing place to visit but with that, it’s suggested for you to discover more of this magnificent island. Travel to Yogyakarta to see the beautiful sunrise and when you reach Cemoro Lawang, you can hike the crater of Mount Bromo on your own! Hopefully, this article has made self-tour easier for you! We hope you have an amazing experience touring Mount Bromo!

Visit mount Bromo: All what you need to know
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Visit mount Bromo: All what you need to know
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