How to hike Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain in Peru Without A Tour Guide

If you’re going to Cusco in Peru, you’ll have more than certainly learned about the Vinicunca rainbow mountain in Peru which has almost become a trend in South America, haven’t you?

Whilst most tourists can explore the rainbow mountain on big tours, it is entirely possible (and even more fun) to visit without a tour guide. 
It’s super comfortable, much more convenient, and certainly more enjoyable to climb Rainbow Mountain on your own. And if you’re at least two people, the price would be about the same. If you want to make this trip on your own, you ought to be prepared for it. Continue to read below about what you need to learn about making the tour on your own.

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Vinicunca Mountain Weather

Few visitors come back from Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain with the sadness of watching it coated in the snow without the colors and shades that distinguish it. This occurs primarily during the rainy season ( November to March). Over those months, the precipitation of the river and the atmosphere causes the 7 Colors Mountain to be buried in snow.

During the dry season ( April to October), it is the best time to visit this natural attraction. Within these months, the sky is clear, the rains are less regular, and the Vinicunca has the best colors. Excited to visit the beautiful mountains, aren’t you?

Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

Can You Hike Rainbow Mountain Without A GQuide

You may rent a day taxi to drive you to Rainbow Hill. When you’re on the trek, the taxi will wait for you, and then get you back to Cusco when you’re finished. This is the precise {GPS Location} of the Rainbow Mountain trail and the parking lot.

Advantages Of Going Without A Guided Tour?

There are numerous advantages of visiting and exploring Vinicunca rainbow mountain in Peru without a tour guide, one of the major ones being the relaxation and comforts that you can avail once you are on your own. Once you are on with the tour guide you are restricted to explore the way you want to and as well as time-bound because the tour group leaves Cusco early morning at around 3-4 AM but when you are on your own, sleep for as long as you want to and then head for the destination.
Moreover, going on a tour without a tour guide brings you the benefit of experiencing the crowds and exploring the rainbow mountain all by yourself without wasting tons of money on the tour guide.


Here is the table that covers all the expenses of going to Vinicunca rainbow mountain without a tour guide.

Activity Cost ($)
Bus from Cusco to Checacupe $5
Transport by private booked car $40
Horse ride $24
Food Expense $10

Step By Step Manual Of Visiting Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain in Peru

  • Get the bus to Checacupe from Cusco. When you’re going on your own, sleep in and leave a bit later. Aim to pick up a collectivo from Avenida Tomasa Tito Condemayla (just across the hospital) to Ocongate about 8-9 a.m. Collectivos depart every hour, just specify the bus driver that you want to get off in the city of Checacupe.
  • Get a cab in the Checacupe. The collective is going to drop you off on the main highway where you’ll see a taxi stand. You should take a taxi either to Palccoyo Rainbow Peak or Vinicunca.  Assure the taxi driver that they’re going to drive you there, wait for you as you’re trekking the mountain, and take you back to the Checacupe.
  • Hike the rainbow mountain (Vinicunca mountain).
  • Seek to get the taxi back to Checacupe around 4 p.m., so that you’re not going to hike down in the dark.
  • Bus back to Cusco. There are daily buses to Cusco from the Checacupe, from the exact main road that you took. If there is an issue, let your taxi driver know, and he’ll inform you where to get on the bus to Cusco.
Rainbow Mountain hiking

General Informations

Where To Stay?

When traveling to Cusco, you can stay in a hostel centrally situated near the main park, Plaza de Armas. Guesthouses are super cheap and have a social environment to meet other people of interest, and Milhouse Hostel is a popular hostel. Few hostels, such as Loki Hostel, also sell their own excursions to Rainbow Peak, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, and some other sights.

Clothes To Wear

You must be wondering what to wear there, right? Well, the weather might change in seconds while you’re at the top of the Vinicunca rainbow mountain – so make sure to carry sunblock, goggles, a raincoat, a cap, and some heavy hiking socks – but still, have a spare pair of socks with you just in case it gets freaking cold!

Rules And Regulations

  • Bring your own food along. The positive thing about going with a tour guide is that they include breakfast and lunch. If you’re out on your own, you’re going to have to bring your own food. You can have breakfast at your guesthouse, but surely bring plenty to eat right before you begin your hike.
  • Don’t forget water! With the extreme altitude, only consuming plenty of water is going to be of great help. It is recommended that you bring at least 1 liter of water on a hike and have an extra bottle in the car.
  • By chewing the coca leaves will help you beat the Vinicunca rainbow mountain altitude.
  • Wear lots of sunscreens as you’re going to sunburn even easier at higher altitudes and you don’t wanna harm your skin, right?


To summarize all this, Overall, doing this trek and getting a chance to see the Vinicunca rainbow mountain in Peru is one of the best hikes you’ll ever make in your life. The remote landscapes full of llamas, the snowy mountain, and the stunning colors are just something you don’t get to see every day! And then getting to explore all this on an economical budget and easily without the help of a tour guide won’t be a problem for you now! Where do you plan to spend your holidays this time? Let us know in the comment section!

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