Thailand Island Hopping: The Best Beaches

Have you ever planned a visit to Thailand? If yes, then you are in the right place. You can experience the beauty in their nature and the relaxing and energetic atmosphere of their islands and beaches. Their sumptuous palaces are a site worth visiting; on the other hand, their vast history makes you excited. However, if you are visiting Thailand, then the thing most fascinating for you will be Thailand Island hopping. The culture of Thailand has significantly evolved in history, and its culture has a mixed sense of strong Indian influences, Chinese traditions, and Thai elements. With its diverse topography, friendly nature, and astonishing scenery, the “Land of Smiles” is the dream for everyone to visit in South East Asia.

thailand island hopping

Island Hopping Phuket:

If you are wishing for a Thailand Island hopping trip, then Phuket is the way to go. Phuket is the best place for Island hopping and has spectacular beaches, it has tons of tropical islands with a stunning view, and the stunning sea is the perfect place for tourists.

Phuket island hopping

Tourists can dive in the ocean and can enjoy the nightie on the islands. The main issue that arises is which Island to choose from, the 32 islands in Phuket.

The solution is to visit the best beaches that will be entirely suitable for you and also let you enjoy your Island hopping to its fullest.

Suitable Beaches To Visit:

You can have an amazing experience of Thailand Island hopping at these islands!

The Phi Phi Island:

The Phi Phi Island is astonishing and feels like it is made for the young and highly energetic because of its bright colours and unique texture. It is an island with two completely different segments. On one side you will find tiny beaches and can enjoy them when the tide is low. On the contrary, the other part of the Island is for night parties, and the surrounding area lets you have the perfect swimming experience in the crystalline waters with its marine life resulting in you having an amazing Thailand island hopping experience.

Phi Phi island

James Bond Island(Hong Island):

It is another worthy island for you to visit. It has a meander formed filled with the island water, yet another site for the tourists to enjoy. On your visit, be sure to visit Koh Panyi, a small village on the coast of the Island, which will come up with perfect seafood lunch and a heartwarming view of the Andaman sea. The villagers are very helpful and will not hesitate to make you feel comfortable and enjoy rural life and the Thailand island hopping simultaneously.

James Bond Island

Similan Island:

Unlike its name, it has a charming view. It is yet another one of the islands that should be on your “go-to” list. The Island is home to marine life, and people usually dive in its water to experience the crystal clear water and the freshness of the water.

Similan Island

Richard Island:

Like the Similan Islands, it is an island where people often like to dive. However, jet skiing and parasailing are banned. Yet, the leading beauty of the Island hides in its untouched nature.

Richard Island

Coral Island:

As the name tells, this Island is mostly famous for its kaleidoscopic coral reefs home to its marine life. If you want to know about marine life and the coral reefs, then it indeed suits you. Other than this, you can do parasailing, banana boat rides, and sea walking. The beaches on the Island are the perfect place to relax on the white sand and be entertained by island hopping in Thailand.

Diving Islands (King Cruiser Shipwreck, Shark Point & Koh Dok Mai):

It has an artificial dive site crowded with marine life providing you with an amazing Thailand island hopping adventure. The shark point is one of the fabulous places for tourists that features three underwater topics covered in soft corals, sea fans, etc. Koh Dok Mai is a huge rock that stands vertically out of the sea. It also provides you with a wall dive and a better view from the east side’s caves.

Thailand Island Hopping: The Cost And Ride

If you are planning Thailand Island hopping, then you must know that the cost will be around 2000 baht per traveller. On the other hand, you can take different rides when you are Island jumping, such as ferries or longtails if you plan as independent hoppers. They can carry you to main islands such as Koh Phi Phi and James Bond Island.

thailand island hopping

However, they aren’t much convenient and can only provide a morning and afternoon service. They will drop you at your Island in about two hours. They cost approximately ฿600. If you visit Similan and Racha islands, it is better to have a Private Charter Longtail Boat or Speed boats; they are usually available for rent from most beaches. They have a cost of around ฿5500 with fuel included for a full day trip to outlying Islands such as Racha and two more islands.

The traditional fishermen can also rent you a boat. The third option you can have is the Island Hopping Tours in Thailand. An advantage of it is that you can visit many islands on this one once rather than visit one or two islands in a single trip. You can easily book them online, and they are cheaper and more stress-free.


The article above was a brief guide for those planning a trip to Thailand. We are all aware that Thailand is famous for its island hopping, and in this article, I have included the famous islands in Thailand. So are you excited about Thailand island hopping! Not only this, but I have also mentioned an approximate of the costs for you!

I hope this article gave you the information you required and travelling to Thailand is easier for you now! Which part of the tour was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Thailand Island Hopping: Complete Information | Travel Guide
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Thailand Island Hopping: Complete Information | Travel Guide
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