Everything You Need To Know About Tanzania Solo Travel!

In this article we have mentioned everything you need to know about Tanzania solo travel.

Africa’s visual masterpiece, Tanzania, is the country that can represent Africa in a microcosm. You may have heard about Africa as ‘not a suitable continent to visit’, especially when solo traveling. But we are going to burst the myths and will be showing you the truly diverse and beautiful side of Africa in Tanzania. 

Tanzania is spread over astounding wildlife, charming ancient towns, archaeological and geological sites. Tanzania is the perfect place for adventures and nature lovers as you will witness nature at its peak.

The shores of Tanzania are overlapped by the Indian ocean, making it the perfect site for beaches and peaceful lakes surrounded by high mountain peaks of Africa.

You can visit this nature’s miracle year-round safely.

Tanzania solo travel
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Tanzania Travel Cost

When it comes to traveling to Tanzania, average flight rates range between  898.00$ to 650.00$. These rates depend on seasons, you can find cheap flights to Tanzania for 650.00$ from January to march. And if you are lucky enough to get a discount you can finalize the deal cheaper. You shall be usually landing in Arusha.

How Much Is A Tanzania Visa On Arrival?

If you already have applied for the visa you can skip this step. But if you are relying on an arrival visa,  you must know how much a Tanzania visa on arrival costs. 

Usually, if you are from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, a visa upon entry is available for $50USD and valid for up to 90 days

If you are a national of the USA an on-arrival visa is available for $100 and supports multiple entries.  Tanzania’s visa is also valid for its near hood island Zanzibar.

For further information on different nationalities, you can visit the Tanzania visa website for up to date information. In order to be eligible for Tanzania on arrival visa, you must read entry requirements on their website and the passport of the applicant should be 6 months older at the time of visa application.

During your Tanzania solo travel, you should have planned  114.40$ ~ 265,244.32 TZS per day if you are on a budget.

This cost includes a room in the usual 4-star hotel, lunch, and dinner in a local hotel with trying out street food. Overall it’s very pocket friendly and you can easily spend a whole day under 150$. Isn’t that exciting? But, keep in mind that this average cost doesn’t include your visit to famous tourist attractions in Tanzania. 

How Much Does It Cost To Visit The Serengeti National Park?

Serengeti National Park
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When you land in Arusha, Tanzania, the major and must-visit tourist attraction is the Serengeti national park. This national park is a house of an ultimate safari experience with one of the top game parks in the whole of Africa.

Here you can have numerous adventurous activities and witness the wildlife. The greatest animal migration in the world is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa, which can be experienced at Serengeti national park.

Before heading to Serengeti national park, you have to rent a 4×4 vehicle to experience the ultimate wildlife and rare species of Africa.

The average cost of renting a 4×4 vehicle lies around $150 per day for a car and $200 for a car with a driver. Car rental service is available in the city of Arusha, and you have to travel through the city to the park.  These renting rates exclude the entrance fee or vehicle in the park. You can get 40% off on these rates if you are visiting in the low season. 

You can explore the Serengeti national park according to your budget. While on a Tanzania solo travel trip, Fees for Serengeti National Park per person is $60 per adult.

The cost of accommodation at Serengeti national park typically ranges from $200 to $1,000 per person/night. Accommodation pricing depends on the season and facilities being used. You can stay according to your budget and can explore as long as you want.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari packages also include your whole day meal and are one of the most popular destinations for couples.

Serengeti Safaries
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Tanzania Solo Female Travel

Whenever someone plans a Tanzania solo travel trip, it comes with safety questions for females. Due to misinterpretation of Africa, many female adventure seekers hesitate to travel solo in Tanzania.  But with recent growth trends of solo traveling many females have been exploring the wonders of nature, including Tanzania.

Is Tanzania Safe For Female Solo Travelers

Yes definitely, Tanzania is completely safe to travel for female travelers! And to the surprise, female explorers have found Tanzania quite peaceful and one of the safest places for solo traveling. 

Tanzanians are very warm, welcoming, polite and courteous. As a solo female traveler, you should always have some basic safety rules regardless of which part of the world you are going to explore.

Always avoid going out after late in dark in any country and only trust local transportation services to avoid any misfortune. Don’t forget to pre-plan your trip and make sure to book the right places for further cooperation.

The Best Activities For Tanzania Solo Travel

Besides the Serengeti national park, there are a lot of other fun activities to do in Tanzania. It includes a visit to Zanzibar island which is home to majestic beaches. You can also hike to Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro.  

Kilimanjaro Hike Cost

Tanzania can be a hiker’s paradise by conquering the 5 days long Kilimanjaro hiking. If you are a mountain lover, you shouldn’t miss this chance to explore the magic of the mountains. The mountain is also known as the world’s largest volcano.

Mount Meru Climb

If you aren’t much experienced in hiking but still want to explore, go for mount Meru hiking. It is a less physically demanding hike, consisting of 2-3 days of trekking.  Being the highest peak in Africa, it is also a perfect spot for sunset watching. 

In case you might crave a beach experience, you are not very far away. The shores of Tanzania are overlapped by the Indian ocean. You can easily find beautiful and calm beaches to satisfy your beach cravings. You can also opt to travel to Zanzibar island for island hopping. During your beach visits, you shall also experience the most delicious seafood with local African taste.


To summarize the Tanzania solo travel, we have covered everything you can do on your solo trip. Be it experiencing the world’s ultimate live safari, hiking mountains, or calm sunny days at the beach, you can have it all there!

You can plan your solo travel trip in both seasons to get the most out of Africa’s wonder. You must be on a budget, but know that Tanzania is totally worth your money and time! We hope this article will help you to plan a Tanzania solo travel trip successfully!

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