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Planning your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari needs a deep preparation to ensure having all the information needed.

The United Republic of Tanzania is an East African country bordering the Indian Ocean. The country includes the island of Zanzibar, and Mount Kilimanjaro is its highest point.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari: General Information

Tanzania honeymoon safari

Before you start planning your Tanzania Safari Honeymoon, we’ll be telling you about Tanzania’s travel information to help you plan your trip accordingly! 

Located in the great lakes region of East Africa, this breathtaking country is home to some of the best safari attractions in the world, rich cultural heritage, and over 120 district Tanzanian tribes and ethnic groups!

Tanzania Tribes

  1. The Hadzabe Tribe: They reside in north-central Tanzania, near Lake Eyasi. They are highly skilled hunters, known for their skills in hunting, foraging, and their vast knowledge of plants, fruits, and wild animals.
  1. The Datoga Tribe: They reside in the Singida and Manyara region of north-central Tanzania. They are known for keeping to themselves and are a tribe of proud people and fierce warriors known for their stealth abilities.
  1. The Sonjo Tribe: They are Bantu people known for their traditional irrigation systems when farming. They live in Northern Tanzania. Music plays a vital role in their culture.
  1. The Maasai Tribe: They reside in Northern Tanzania and are known for their brightly colored outfits and traditional lifestyle concentrated on cattle, which makes up the primary source of food.
  1. The Chagga Tribe: They reside on the Southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and are well known for their sense of enterprise, politics, and strong work ethics.

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari Costs

How Much Is A Tanzania Visa On Arrival:

Single-entry tourist visas upon arrival cost $100

How Much Does A Tanzania Safari Cost

The average cost per person per day on a trip to Tanzania Honeymoon Safari is 350 USD.


Tanzania is generally considered a safe country, but it’s better to be careful while traveling! Keep an eye on your belongings. Avoid walking late in town or cities at night; instead, take a taxi. Beware of Pickpockets and avoid carrying too much cash while sightseeing.

Is Tanzania Safe In 2021:

If you wonder whether it is safe to go on a Tanzania Honeymoon Safari during the CoronaVirus Pandemic, then we have some guidelines for you! It is best to get a Covid-19 test done before traveling to ensure you are not infected. Once you are sure it is safe for you to travel, make sure you follow SOPs during your trip, always wear your mask, keep sanitizing, and maintain distance!

Can You Wear Shorts In Tanzania

Pack lightweight, washable clothes. Make sure you are carrying sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen along with you! It is best to wear Long sleeves and trousers of a lightweight fabric to avoid insect bites. Men and Women can wear shorts only while on safari! Women should also wear a wrap skirt (for over shorts) or wear covered trousers while visiting the villages and towns as wearing revealing clothes can offend!

Tanzania Beaches

Honeymoon Safari on zanzibar beaches

Now without any further ado, let’s get on to the fun part of our trip! The places you can visit while on your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari:

  • The Ngorongoro Crater: It is located in Northern Tanzania. The views from the rim of the crater will leave you awestruck! It is home to big Tusker elephants, the enormous pride of lions, and herds of buffaloes. You can take part in Daytime Game Driving here.
  • The Serengeti: This is home to the highest concentration of predators in Africa. From witnessing the Great Migration to catching sight of the big cats that follow the herds, you and your significant other will be mesmerized by this national park during your traditional game drive! 
  • The Ruaha National Park: This is located in the heart of Tanzania and is the Country’s largest national park. Famous for its rich flora and fauna, it is home to giant elephants, lions, zebras, jackals, and the Bat-eared foxes too! 
  • The Selous Game Reserve: The Selous is a watery world filled with boat cruises, palm trees, and incredible wildlife. This is the perfect place for a calm and romantic safari! 

Tanzania offers superb safari-and-beach combinations, thanks to its long tropical coastline and coral-fringed islands. And did you know Zanzibar Island in Tanzania is one of the world’s most romantic Honeymoon Destinations? Doesn’t that make you all the more excited to visit?

Zanzibar Tanzania Beaches

The gorgeous island of Zanzibar is an incredible mix of culture, history, and white-sand beaches. Here are a few beaches that you should include in your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari trip:

Nungwi Beach is a perfect place for those on a honeymoon! The rustic beach is located in the village of Nungwi in Zanzibar and is surrounded by palm trees.

Nungwi beaches

The crystal water here provides an opportunity for you to try scuba diving and snorkeling and relax and swim in the turquoise water! A short distance away from here is Stone Town, which you can also visit! To watch a beautiful sunset, sitting on a serene beach while sipping an ice-cold drink with your significant other, makes the perfect date night, doesn’t it? and Stone Town, along with the other beaches at Zanzibar, is the perfect place for it! 
The Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar is one of the most pristine and incomparable beaches of Zanzibar! The water is clear, and the environment is tranquil. It is perfect for romantic sunset cruises and sunbathing! Your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari will be incomplete without a trip to Kendwa Beach!

Dar Es Salaam Beaches

The hustle and bustle of Dar Es Salaam are just what one would expect in a large city. However, the city also has a calmer side where the ocean meets the storyline. Here are some of the best Dar Es Salaam beaches you can visit for your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari

  • Coco Beach: Located on the East side of the Msasani Peninsula, its vast expanses of sandy beach are populated with smiling locals who visit to unwind and enjoy the restaurants and bars. It can get crowded due to its lively holiday atmosphere! 
  • Bongoyo Island Beach:  Quaint and uncluttered but well serviced, visitors here enjoy the sunshine, swimming, and fresh seafood lunch under the shade of palm trees! 
  • Bahrain Beach: This place is quiet and beautiful with dreamy surroundings, it is perfect for a romantic beach day with your partner. The local beach bar serves chilled cocktails and nearby food spots provide delicious food. There are many water sports here to engage in too! Bahrain Beach is another beautiful spot you should add to your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari itinerary! 
Dar es salem beaches

So, when are you planning your Tanzania Safari Honeymoon trip? Make sure to follow all the necessary instructions we have provided you with and visit the beautiful places in Tanzania that we have mentioned in our article and make the most out of your Tanzania Honeymoon Safari! We will be looking forward to your feedback! 

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari: a travel guide for couples| TripTrop
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Tanzania Honeymoon Safari: a travel guide for couples| TripTrop
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