South Africa And Tanzania Tours: Here’s All You Need To Know

south africa and tanzania tours

Having a dream-come-true holiday in Africa is a rare opportunity. For many tourists, the overarching question is usually: which country should I go to? Tanzania or South Africa? Well, With so many great safari destinations on the continent, it’s a struggle to pick a destination. So why not visit both these places on the same vacation and plan your South Africa and Tanzania tours!

South Africa is a nation of extremes, where poverty-stricken canoes reside alongside world-leading art galleries, entertainment centres, sports stadiums, and restaurants. The spectacular landscapes include snow-covered mountains and arid semi-desert regions, while its parallel coasts sustain extraordinary marine biodiversity. With numerous ethnic groups and no less than 11 official languages, their human society is also diverse. If you’re searching for a beach trip, a city holiday, or a game-filled jungle escape, South Africa has the potential to be all things to all people.

Alongside planning your trip to South Africa, In Tanzania, you will wake up to the iconic early-morning call of the fish eagle, enjoy the excitement of the after-dark game as the jungle comes alive, reach the highest peak of Africa, and gaze at the tree-climbing monkeys and massive herds of elephants.

The world-famous Ngorongoro and Serengeti Crater provide the opportunity to spot endangered black-maned lions, herds of elephants, leopards, and cheetahs in their native environment. A sunrise hot-air balloon glides over the savannah with a stunning view of the wildlife below, and 600 meters down the Ngorongoro Crater surface, one of the wealthiest concentrations of wildlife in Africa can be found.

How To Get There?

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The majority of foreign tourists can reach South Africa via the O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg. From there, you can catch daily connecting flights to main centres around the country, including Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. If you’re considering an overland journey across Southern Africa, you can cross from border checkpoints in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho Eswatini to South Africa.

You can plan this exciting trip accordingly if you want to visit Tanzania first and then catch a flight to South Africa, or you want to visit the centre destinations as well as we mentioned above while crossing the border. But that depends on the time you have for your vocational trip. Plenty of time means that you can travel and explore all these destinations, leading from Tanzania to South Africa!

Best Time To Visit?

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Comparing South Africa and Tanzania tours should take into consideration the climate. Climate-wise, South Africa is more unpredictable than Tanzania is. Since Tanzania exists closer to the equator, there are very few seasonal changes, creating temperatures fairly consistent throughout the year. April and May are marked as the “long rains” season, and November has “short rains.” However, You have to monitor the “long rains” season since some lodges and parks are closed around this period. Apart from that, the atmosphere remains good, and biodiversity remains in full effect, rendering it a year-round safari destination.

South Africa has a more tropical climate, with warm sunny days from November to March, colder temperatures during April and May, and September and October, and afterwards “winter” between June and August. The rainy season of December to February is also marked by torrential afternoon rains and extreme humidity levels.

Where To Stay?

There are several accommodations in South Africa, including resorts, holiday rentals, and, of course, African gaming lodges. If you’re backpacking in South Africa and searching for affordable lodging in South Africa, you’ll discover hostels in the cities as well. is a perfect place to stay with all budgets.

Besides that, Tanzania has no shortage of accommodation, from luxurious to the most basic. There are several impressive lodges, either of a particular safari lodge range or more unusual examples, including the Chumbe Island Lodge, located on a privately owned island and renowned for its marine conservation role.

The Best Of Tanzania Tours?

1. Great Wildebeest Migration

Each year, thousands of wildebeest thunder through the Serengeti plains, alongside thousands of zebras, impalas, elands, and gazelles, in pursuit of suitable grazing and water. This annual occurrence has been labelled as the “Greatest Show on Earth” and is considered one of the World’s Natural Wonders. Undoubtedly, there is nowhere on the whole planet that you can experience such a spectacular wildlife drama.

2. World Famous Safari Attraction

Tanzania has long been renowned for the richness of its breathtaking views and wildlife safari parks. It is where you can see the Garden of Eden in Africa, the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world’s biggest caldera, Ngorongoro Crater; Africa’s tallest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro; the popular Lake Manyara, where you can see hundreds and thousands of colourful flamingos and rhinos in one location.

3. Ultimate Camping Experience

With a wide variety of lodging options, Tanzania is where you can get a veritable African camping experience. South Africa is famous for being a well-developed country with a series of luxurious lodges. And although it provides both budget and luxurious lodging, sleeping in a camp is not possible in South Africa.

The Best Of South Africa?

1. Visit The World’s Best City

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For the fifth time in a row, South Africa’s Cape Town has been named the World’s Finest City. The Cape is simply beautiful, first of all. It’s where you’ll see Table Mountain, take cable cars, go cage diving with great white sharks and, most widely, explore beautiful vineyards and also a world-class wine and dining experience.

2. Luxury Lodging

South Africa has long known itself as the world’s leading luxury safari spot. Deluxe lodges are the most common style of safari lodging with top-notch facilities and excellent customer service.

3. Fascinating Sceneries

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Well, Tanzania has the most significant African scenery, and it’s just as amazing. However, South Africa has a range of intriguing and distinctive African sites, such as the Desolation Valley and the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve. Other than safari rides, South Africa also provides a range of fun events for all ages. It also facilitates self-driving that is not possible in Tanzania.

What To Eat And Drink?

South Africa is a foodie’s dream, with rich lands and fertile seas providing a smorgasbord of locally grown fruit, vegetables, meat, and seafood. The biggest cooking custom in South Africa is braai or barbecue. It’s more than a way of cooking. It’s a lifestyle that transcends all ethnic boundaries. South African drinks are just as popular and diverse. Tourists who come from worldwide visit the Cape Winelands vineyards, where wines of all kinds are made, but Pinotage is a nationwide trademark.

Similarly, Tanzania is famous for its rich traditional cuisines, suitable for adventurous travellers to stretch their palate. Some of the foods to try while exploring this country include Ugali, Pilaf, Chapati, and Biryani.


To sum it up, If you’re planning South Africa and Tanzania tours for the first time, and you’re not sure what will happen, it might be a smart idea to consider going on a tour. This choice will optimize protection when surrounding you with other like-minded people. A tour will also help the trip run smoothly, leading you to all the gems that South Africa and Tanzania tours have to offer. No matter how much time you have spared to go on this double-destination tour, we can assure you that it will be a unique and life-changing experience for you. We hope this article helps you with your journey planning!

Combined packages: South Africa And Tanzania Tours
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Combined packages: South Africa And Tanzania Tours
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