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Are you confused and have no idea how to travel with your cat? Cats usually look for unlighted, confined places to hide whenever they are petrified or nervous. However, this has a solution, and to travel with the cat, it is decided to sedate the cat for travel. People tend to put their cats into baskets or under thin and dark-colored pieces of clothes, but, unfortunately, it isn’t very likely for the possibility to work. Therefore, it is better to sedate the cat for travel.

Are you wondering what exactly is sedation? Well, sedation refers to the taking of such drugs (seduction drugs) which lessens one’s impatience.

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How Can I Sedate My Cat For Travel?

When you sedate the cat for travel, it is preferred to try talking to your cat in a soothing voice because there is a higher probability of the cat getting terrified while going into a groggy state. Vets also prefer keeping your hand near the cat or one of your items but ideally, your hand so that the cat smells you and feels a little better. Remember to keep the cat’s basket nearer to the window to avoid travel sickness so that the cat can look outside and relish the air

Sometimes, a cat is given sleeping pills, benzodiazepines, or Diphenhydramine to sedate it for travel. Often, the vets even recommend giving the cats sedatives because altering your cat’s mental condition might result in something unwholesome for the cat. 

How Can I Sedate My Cat For Travel In A Car?

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There are sleeping pills available for cats, just like there are sleeping pills for us humans. Usually, cats are given those pills before they undergo surgery to cause a sedative effect on the cat. The drugs are readily available on the internet and most pet stores, and you might not require prescriptions for them. It is highly recommended to ask a vet before sedating the cat for travel to avoid any misfortune or mishap. 

Were you thinking of giving your cat your sleeping pill? If yes, stop now, only before it gets too late because the vets say that these are highly dangerous for the cats and should never be given to the cats. Cats have a completely different sleeping cycle than humans; giving them medicines may cause trouble.

What Are Cat Sedatives?

Cat sedatives are ways to keep your cat calm when they are traveling. Many cats have anxiety while traveling, which further leads to travel sickness. To avoid this, vets prefer to sedate the cat for travel to cause mental peace to a cat for a specific time.  Sedatives are also a better alternative to sleeping pills because you can easily maintain the dosages. Knowing when to give them the drug again will know when the cat’s exhausted.

Sedating The Cat With Benadryl

Are you confused about which drug to use? Are you wondering if you are giving your cat a proper dose of the drug? There are six types of sedatives available for cats. Out of which, one of them is Diphenhydramine

Diphenhydramine is a drug that has Benadryl in it. This drug is used for both animals and humans.  It is safe for cats, but cats are given a smaller dosage than what humans are given. This drug is the most recommended one because it helps cats while they suffer from travel anxiety. It reduces stress or cats going through motion sickness.

The ingredients of the Diphenhydramine are such that using this drug relaxes your cat and helps the cat get into a peaceful and smooth mental zone. While traveling, a cat usually undergoes nervousness.

A cat is given 0.5 milligrams per pound after almost every eight to twelve hours. The time varies from cat to cat, the cat’s size to be specific. It is advised to avoid giving the cat this drug when it’s pregnant or during high blood pressure. The vet prefers giving this 24 hours before you start your travel because this drug takes a long time to come into effect.

Other Drugs Available For Cats

  • Benzodiazepines:  A minimal dosage of it is used for cats to sedate them for travel. It can also be used for humans, and due to the cat’s smaller size, a smaller dosage of the drug is used for them. However, this drug sometimes leads to inappropriate reactions by the cat, such as unnecessary aggression or nausea.  It can also lead to vomiting or respiratory depressions.  
  • Chlorpheniramine:  The everyday use of this drug in treating allergy symptoms in a cat also causes drowsiness. This drug is available in both pill and liquid form, and it entirely depends on your use of how you give it to the cat. 1-2 milligrams of this drug is presented after every eight to twelve hours to sedate the cat for travel.
  • Gabapentin: Gabapentin is comparatively an inexpensive drug. The best part about this drug is that it does not have a potent smell making it easier to mix it in the cat’s food and the cat clueless. However, the cat at least takes 2 hours to come into action.  It is, though, preferred to take a vet’s consultation before using this drug to sedate the cat for travel.   For smaller, sick, or old cats, around 65 milligrams of this drug is given, whereas, for healthy, more giant cats, approximately 85 milligrams is preferred to sedate the cat for traveling.
  • Clonidine: Clonidine is only available after you get a prescription from your vet. It also works like pain relief.  Smaller cats are given 0.05 milligrams of it, whereas the bigger ones are given 0.1 milligrams. This drug, however, takes 3 hours to come into action. 
  •  Saris’s: It is one of the best drugs for long trips. It is used to sedate the cat when you travel for a comparatively longer time. This drug takes a total of almost 12 hours to come into effect. 


Most of the cats do not enjoy traveling and react inappropriately while traveling. So it is preferred to avoid traveling with your cats, but if you are willing to travel, then the best thing Is to sedate the cat for travel. 

So, are you excited to travel with your cat soon? Have a happy trip, and there is nothing to worry about once you have enough information on traveling with cats. Keep calm and enjoy!

How to sedate a cat for travel: the ultimate guide | TripTrop
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How to sedate a cat for travel: the ultimate guide | TripTrop
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