All You Need To Know Before Visiting Rome In Winter

Rome is also known as ” The Eternal City,”  the most visited place in the world, with over 8 million people touring it every year.  It is one of the most beautiful places globally with so much Italian history and great art, and delicious cuisine. In winters it is the season of relaxation, talks beside the fire, walks on the flurries when days are shorter and the nights are longer giving you a small eternity to make new memories. The season when jackets come out, coffee pots stay brewing; Rome in winter is definitely a sight to see. Come on, let’s explore!

Best places in Rome

Climate Of Rome In Winter

Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate; hence the winters are generally cold, and summers are hotter. Winter lasts from November to February with a lot of rain and temperature below the freezing point. Rome in winter is a fantastic place to visit. Let’s see which month will suit you better.

Rome In November

Wondering if November is cold in Rome? If it is it still hot there? Well, No. It’s somewhere between hot and cold, saying goodbye to the autumn and welcoming a slight chill in the air. Rome gets rainy in November. Now the question arises, what should we pack when visiting in November? I suggest you pack light jackets and cardigans for the day, but the nights tend to become cooler, so pack heavy jackets and socks! And keep your rain ponchos, umbrella, and close toe shoes along you might need them.

Best things to do in Rome in November:

  • Trip to a free museum:

Rome offers free entrance to various museums on the first Sunday of every month, and availing of this opportunity in November is a good idea on a pleasant sunny day. 

  • Borghese Gallery at night: 

Until the 20th of November, they open the gallery for long nights, Thursdays, and Fridays it stays open until 10 pm. It is a stunning place worth the visit. You can stroll the garden in the chilly November breeze after visiting the gallery and then enjoy the beautiful sunset from the terrace. 

  • The Vatican Museums:

Vatican museums are open to visitors throughout the year, but it gets very crowded. That is why going in November is an excellent plan but make sure to get the tickets to the Sistine chapel beforehand. 

Rome In December

Here comes December in Rome; we have said our goodbyes to autumn, welcomed winter with open arms. The temperature drops further, and the average temperature stays around 7°C to 10°C with unpredictable rain throughout the month. The weather switches from cloudy to sunny anytime, so if you visit Rome in December, you have to pack warm clothes to layer up and light jackets and woolen sweaters for the sunny days to fight off the cold winds. 

Best things to do in Rome In December: 

As December arrives, the Christmas festivities start, and the whole city dazzles with the Christmas lights and ornaments. If you are a lover of Christmas aura, December is your month to visit Rome. Aren’t you excited already?

  • Santa Lucia Day, among other holidays in December saint lucy day, is also celebrated with pomp and show with a large procession that starts from Castelo Saint’s angelo going to Saint Peter’s Square.
  • Saint Stephen’s Day is celebrated on the 26th of December. Roman churches honor this feast day, and families visit Christmas markets. 
  • Food in Rome during December: if you are visiting Rome in December, you are in for a treat. You will find all kinds of delicious traditional Italian food this time of the year, including pizzas and pasta, the famous star-shaped fluffy sweet treat, and whatnot! 
  • New year’s Eve: like every other country in the world, Rome also celebrates New year’s eve in an imperial way. The giant rampage takes place at the Piazza del Popolo with music, fireworks, and dancing.

Rome In January

January in Rome is the coldest month of the year when the temperature drops shallow and chilled winds make their appearance. While you can not compare it out with North America or Europe, however, this cold does creep into the bones and make it intolerable at times. Rome in winter doesn’t usually get snow, but when it does, January is the month when it falls. To be wise, pack a lot of warm heavy jackets and coats, you will have to wrap up for sightseeing. 

Best things to do in January: 

  • New years day: it is a national holiday in Rome, which means the opening of several attractions and museums. 
  • 6th of January: On this day, the city commemorates the arrival of three kings, and the kids also enjoy the magic shows. La Befana! 
  • Go Shopping: Are you a fan of shopping? January is an excellent month for you to go crazy on your shopping spree. It is when the winter sale starts, and you will find the best discounts.

Rome In February

It is February, and the cold weather is getting colder. You will get a substantial amount of sun, enabling you to explore the city and enjoy the sights. It’s hard to get snowfall in February, but yet again, it is not impossible. Pack as many warm clothes as you can because the cold in Rome sweeps into the bones. 
Plus point if you are a history and art lover and wish to explore it thoroughly. We have good news for you! February is considered offseason, which means significantly less crowd allowing you to explore the place in peace.

Rome Christmas Market

The most exciting thing about  Rome in winter is the traditional Christmas markets and their forte culinary arts. Here let’s find out about the amazing Christmas markets you do not want to miss. The markets are set up near several attractions. Since Rome doesn’t get a lot of snow, you will see that they bring out the Christmas vibes by their decorations and ornaments. 

  • Christmas Market at Piazza Navona brings local vendors, toys, freeway performers, and artists different nativity scenes and amusement rides. 
  • The Christmas Market At Piazza Mazzini is well known for its stalls selling Italian candy, toys, and traditional Christmas decorations and lights. 
  • The Rome Auditorium’s Christmas market is worth visiting there; you will find reasonable exchange merchandise and local artists’ work. Furthermore, you love ice skating? Well, you got it.

Map Of Rome City Centre

visit Rome

Here is the map to help you to explore Rome in winter with its amazing beauty and spectacles. Following a map will make your journey way easier for you!


So when are you planning your trip to the famous Italian city? I recommend visiting the perfect Rome in December to reap all the fun from the Christmas festivals and markets. Along with a fair amount of cold, Rome in winter is something that you should not miss at all. Which place are you the most excited to visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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