Philippines Tour: All You Need To Know For Planning

Ever wondered why you should make a Philippines tour? Located in the western Pacific Ocean, The Philippines consists of 7,641 islands, categorized under three major geographical divisions known as Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Philippines’ rich biodiversity is its main tourist attraction. There are beaches, heritage towns and monuments, rainforests, mountains, islands, diving spots; the Philippines has it all.

The Philippines consists of a vast area; a tour of the Philippines can have many variations. You can choose places according to your preference and budget and plan your time accordingly! To help you, we have listed below different itinerary options to help you plan the best Philippines tour.

Itinerary #1: Northern Luzon

If you are a person who prefers mountains, beaches, greenery, and cultural heritage, then this could be the perfect itinerary for you for your Philippines tour. You need at least seven days for this.

Here are the places you should include in your Northern Luzon Tour:


A trip to Northern Luzon is incomplete without a visit to its Batad rice terraces. The majestic landscape with mountains looming over the village, wooden houses ringed by rice terraces that blanket the view are an extraordinary sight to behold.

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This place has the most picture-worthy and beautiful beaches surrounded by palm trees and shiny turquoise waters.


It is a fantastic place for those who live for outdoor adventures. Its famous hanging coffins and activities such as exporting caves, rafting down rapids, and rappelling down cliffs is a fantastic experience.


There are many other places you can explore or add to your itinerary, such as:

  • Vigan
  • Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Hundred Islands National Park
  • Mount Pulag National Park
  • San Juan
  • Bontoc
  • Kabayan

Itinerary #2: Palawan And Coron:

With 1,780 islands and islets, Palawan in Western Philippines is an archipelago of its own. It is a trendy backpacking route and is well known for insta worthy beaches and lagoons. People travelling here during their Philippines tour are mostly interested in beaches, lagoons, snorkelling, Island hopping, wreck diving, and waterfalls. You need a minimum of 1 week for your Palawan and two weeks for the whole tour.

Here are the places you should include in your Palawan tour:


Most people only make a shortstop here to witness the exciting culture and extraordinary delicacies.


Puerto Princesa:

Here you can visit the village of Sabang, on the underground river or the special open prison.

Puerto Princesa

Port Barton:

3.5 hours north of Puerto Princesa is the peaceful village of Port Barton, located on a stunning beach. It’s the perfect place to relax and spend some quiet time.

El Nido:

If you drive for another 4 hours towards the North, you’ll reach El Nido. Here you can go on beautiful boat trips and try out delicious eateries. You can also visit the Nacpan and Marimegmeg Beaches.

El nido philippines tour

Buhay Isla:

Here you can sail for three days and witness the most beautiful islands, witness the most stunning coral and try out incredibly delicious food!

Coron Town:

Here you can visit Coron Bay to witness stunning deep blue waters with tall limestone cliffs and ideal diving and snorkelling spots. You can make a change and see Kingfisher park and kayak around the mangroves, explore the vegetation and animal species.

You can go diving in Barracuda Lake and swim through the salt waters, witnessing the underground mountains.

You can also visit the beautiful and unique Bulog island with powdery and white sand and water with an ombre colour ranging from clear crystal to bright turquoise.

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After this, you can end your trip by going back to Manila and spending some time there.

Itinerary #3: Central Visayas:

This is the second-largest island group in the Philippines and has many places that are worth adding to your itinerary for your Philippines tour. You can spend as much time here according to your preference. Here are the places you should visit:


This is the second-largest city in the Philippines. Here, you can visit the beautiful blue Inambakan falls, hike at sunrise to Osmena Peak, Canyoneer through the Gatorade blue waters, to the canyons of Kawasan Falls, and see the Mainit Hot springs in Malabuyoc.



If you are a fan of wildlife and exploring the jungles, then this is the place you should definitely add to your Philippines tour! Here you’ll be able to participate in activities such as ziplining, exploring caves, climbing waterfalls, and cruising the rivers.

In Bohol, you can visit the Chocolate Islands that are filled with green and chocolate brown hills. You can explore the Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory that has a vast collection of natural beauty such as centipedes, spiders, butterflies, caterpillars, beautiful flowers, and much more! You can also visit and walk on the aesthetic-looking Bamboo bridge and go paddleboarding, which will give you an opportunity to witness jungle pathways, waterfalls, and nature at its best.

If you go trekking through the jungles in Bohol, you will be able to discover a beautiful natural waterfall with a bright aqua colour with a swimming hole.

If you love adventures, you can swim in the deep dark waters of a bat cave, the Hinagdanan Cave. Its appearance might be creepy with bats flying around, but overall, it’s fun and safe. Holes in the ceiling of the cave provide you with the perfect opportunity to take that Instagram picture!

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To conclude, these were the most popular three itineraries, which you can further edit according to your preference and time; you can even link these together and create one significant route if you have the time and budget!

The Philippines is a crazy beautiful country with hundreds of beautiful places to explore, concising it to fit a short itinerary with the major tourist attractions was no easy task. We hope you find our guide useful and have a beautiful time on your Philippines tour. We will be looking forward to your positive feedback!

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