Phi Phi Island Tour: Why Is It Worth Visiting

After appearing in Leonardo DiCaprio’s blockbuster movie The Beach, Phi Phi island tour was pushed to the very same stardom that almost every superstar dreams of. Adorning the pages of travel blogs and guides the world over, Koh Phi Phi has been on the list of travellers for many years now – and with its beautiful beaches, breathtaking bays, and epic parties, it’s not hard to see why. 

Phi phi island tour

Fancy a break? Here’s why you should dump it all and tour Phi Phi Island now. Phi Phi’s lush landscape and irresistible island vibe have made it one of Thailand’s main tourist attractions. And there’s a ton here for adventure-seekers as well as beach-goers; an area brimming with secret treasures and amazing experiences, here’s our article on why you must visit Phi Phi Island! Let’s get started.

Where Is Phi Phi Island?

phi phi island

Before we move towards the logistical details of the Phi Phi Island tour, let’s find out where it is! Thailand’s long leg of land extending down to Malaysia can be tracked first, to enter Phi Phi Island on the west side of the Andaman Sea.

Technically, Phi Phi is not one but two islands: Ko Phi Phi Don, in which Long Beach or Hat Yao is situated in Thai, and Ko Phi Phi Leh, which is a smaller one in comparison and only accessible via tour or chartered fishing boat. Ko Phi Phi Don is home to several seafood restaurants and many more spectacular bars and coffee shops, but no automobiles. If you’re hunting for a beach where you can play the island of Gilligan, this is where you should be!

Bangkok To Phi Phi Island

The next thing to the Phi Phi Island tour is knowing the air routes. The nearest big international airport for Asian and European routes is Phuket. It is popular for travellers to take flights to Bangkok and mix a stay at Ko Phi Phi with a trip to other sites in Thailand.

When you reach Ko Phi Phi Island, you have to pay 20 Baht of the entry fee for island upkeep so don’t forget to carry your cash for this. You can also buy tickets from and to the island from several hotels in Thailand and travel agents, or you can purchase a ticket at Phuket’s ferry terminal, but it will cost you more! You might also be able to book online!

The Climate

The weather of Phi Phi Island is the main character of an unforgettable holiday in this jewel of a tropical paradise where much of the everyday life of both locals and tourists is spent outdoors. Phi Phi is just 40 km from Phuket and has a rather similar climate, with average temperatures about 75°F to 89°F (24°C to 32°C) all year round.

The great season for Phi Phi tour and enjoying the wonderful weather is from November to March, with the minimum humidity and average temperatures of 28°C, though cool breezes make it pleasant. The weather in Phi Phi is marginally less friendly in September and October when the rainy season brings dense clouds full of heavy rain, but it is still nice to experience the location between the torrential rain.

The Tours

phi phi

Since it is one of the most iconic islands in Thailand, Ko Phi Phi is certainly one of the most luxurious destinations in the world. Here’s exactly what to expect.

Expect to pay around $50 to $75 a day for the mid-range budget. On this budget, you can stay in a private room (fan only) in a 2-star hotel, spend the cash on a good local meal with a few drinks a day (and then have street food otherwise), take two long-tailed boat taxis a day, and then enjoy 2-3 sights (like a basic boat tour and a trip to Bamboo Island).

If you’d like a better air-conditioned room or a personal hostel room, plan to add an extra $15 per day to your expenditure for the Phi Phi Island tour.

Ko Phi Phi is one of Thailand’s most costly islands, particularly if you’re here for a lot of partying. With that said, you can also make a budget-friendly journey if you’re smart enough!

Phi Phi Island Monkey Beach

If you’ve noticed yourself wondering, “Where the Monkeys are in Thailand,” well, they’re in the Phi Phi Islands. Monkey Beach is situated on the southwest side of Tonsai Harbor, some 700 meters from the jetty.

It’s a spectacular 150-meter-long stretch of white powdery sand adorned with emerald water. The rear end of the beach is a very steep limestone cliff, draped with dense vegetation, giving monkeys a nice home, and that’s where their name derives from.

Monkey Beach is not only popular for its pearly residents. The other focus of contention is that it is the best snorkelling spot. The deeper waters next to it are home to vibrant and vivid aquatic environments, which give you the impression of swimming in the aquarium. 

Most of the visitors attending Monkey Beach have a nasty habit of feeding monkeys, but now they hope to have something to eat when they see tourists arriving. Beware of the actions of these wild animals and don’t get too close to them!

Phi Phi Island Maya Bay

maya bay

Maya Bay has been Phi Phi’s biggest tourist attraction since the famous film and you should visit it when on a Phi Phi Island tour! The Beach was shot here in 1999. It’s already been famous before the film, but people around the globe who haven’t heard of Phi Phi have heard of Maya Bay. 

Maya Bay is an astonishingly spectacular bay, surrounded on three sides by 100-meter-high cliffs. There are many beaches within the harbour, most of them are small and some only occur at low tide. The largest one is about 200 meters deep, with silky smooth white sand, submerged colourful coral and tropical fish in incredibly clear water; the entire bay is one wide reef.

Phi Phi Island NightLife

The finest bars in Koh Phi Phi are scattered evenly around the three major areas of the island: Tonsai Village (the main city centre), Tonsai East, and Loh Dalum Bay. Almost all of the bar choices in Phi Phi have two different approaches: whether it’s a relaxed atmosphere or a pumping group atmosphere. However, as you will see, several bars excel in covering up all ambiences in one place.

A peaceful night out in Phi Phi is spent on the pillows of a thatch and bamboo bar set right on the beach with unbridled music and just a few beers, whereas the more frantic nights out feature loud music, sand dance floors, and lots of bucket cocktails (potent liquor and coca-cola drinks). That’s quite a night to experience that one must not miss during the Phi Phi Island tour!


So to sum it up, why do we travel at all, if it is not for memories? Koh Phi Phi is expected to offer you more than a handful, whether it be the magnificence of Maya Bay at dawn, or being followed by a monkey as you sailed to Monkey Beach. Phi Phi certainly leaves an impression on all those who tour it – so for experiences and great travel memories that you’ll never forget, go and have a tour of Phi Phi Island and enjoy the exotic space! Do not forget to let us know your favourite part of the Phi Phi Island tour!

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