Top destinations for Island hopping:

In today’s era, we know Island hopping as a trafbalivel activity. Island hopping tours are planned in countries consisting of island chains. 

Many countries are famous specifically for island hopping. And their government has recognized Island hopping as a full-time tourist activity with all facilities. If you have ever imagined a trip with thrill, adventure, and enjoying your own company with peace, then you should try island hopping. 

Here we will be shortlisting some top destinations for island hopping tours.

Croatia Island Hopping

Croatia seaview

This is our top choice when it comes to Island hopping at budget. Croatia Island hopping tours are usually a bit expensive, but you can enjoy Croatia’s majestic islands on a reasonable budget.

For island hopping, you can always hire a private boat. But if you are on a tight budget, you can always opt for local ships or ferries. Car ferries are usually available year-round, But with few islands, you have to travel through boats and then carry a ferry

Split To Brač 

A Croatia island hopping has been to start from the mainland, And Split is one of the country’s biggest ferry ports. It is also the nearest airport point, which makes it a perfect spot to start island hopping.

Here you can enjoy the beautiful beaches with Split’s ancient town roads. You shall be having a split experience of beaches and beautiful old towns located on an island. You can stay as long as you want to explore split Island.

It’s time to hop on our second Island, Brac (Supetar and Bol towns), and it is the largest island near Split. Brac is 50 mins away from Split.

Hvar To Vis

Hvar is a middle island located between Brac and Korcula. It’s perfect for experiencing Island hopping in less time. As it is one of the central islands, you can quickly jump to the next spot from here. 

Hvar’s island town is one of the most frequented spots visited by almost every island hopper. You may find more crowds here than on other islands. One reason for Hvar to be famous is that in 2018, it was the stage for filming the UK reality TV series, Made in Chelsea.

The next island hop spot is Vis. It is tiny and maybe the least visited Island. But we recommend you get there, as it is not very far from Hvar.

Korcula To Dubrovnik

Korcula is located furthest from our starting spot Split. It feels more secluded than other islands, but Korcula is an old town with developed shopping and food streets. You can enjoy local food and buy some souvenirs from your Island hopping here.

Dubrovnik is our next Island and is one of the famous tourist destinations in Croatia. This Island is renowned for its massive old town civilization and a shooting location for a thrones game. So, if you are a fan of the game of thrones, you would love this town.

Scottish Island Hopping

  • When you go for Island Hopping, the first thing you have to do is find transport and then book a ferry. It is preferred to buy a ferry ticket in advance to save any further issues. You must arrive at the terminal 30 minutes before your time to check-in.
  • Go through Scottish websites to look for the nearest hotels.
  • Apart from that, you must also hire a guide because it is better for you to have somebody to aid you! 
  • The weather in Scotland is unpredictable, so one must remember to bring waterproof clothes to avoid rain issues.

How To Get To The Scottish Islands?

scottish island
  1. Use the Colmac, which is connected to most Islands on the Scottish West Coast. There are numerous ferry hubs along the coast.
  2. The Northlink Ferries are connected to Orkney and Shetland from the East Coast.
  3. However, there are many smaller ferry operators, too, such as the Western or the Corran Ferry.
  4. There is a bridge known as the Isle of Skye, which is connected to the Scottish MainLand. Using this bridge, you can save money by travelling through roads.


  • The bigger boats have vast space for luggage, and you can even find a designated pet area.
  • The restaurant food you are given on the ferry is freshly prepared and tastes scrumptious. Though you are a vegetarian, I am sorry for the disappointment. The veg option isn’t that nice!
  • Do you love dolphins? You know, while moving around on the ferry, you can spot dolphins and porpoises.
  • For entertainment, you can even use the tv and boards.

Caribbean Island Hopping

caribbean island hopping

The Caribbean is a suitable hub for multi Island trips. The Island of St Martin is the ideal place to begin discovering the eastern side of the Caribbean. St Martin (St Maarten) is divided between the French Republic and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. There are several islands even closer to it by ferry and plane.

Options For Traveling To The Caribbean

Take benefit of the numerous ferries and boat trips that travel between the islands. 

The second option is a popular route known as the Caribbean Cruise. Although many Caribbean cruises are seasonal, they are perfect for visiting different islands, and many are stylish and comfortable. 

Catching a flight is the third option and the best option as it is an inexpensive option comparatively.

Safety Tips

  1. The preferred time is Spring or the start of Summer because hurricane season starts in June.
  2. Bring a mosquito repellent with you and a water bottle.
  3. Do not forget the sunscreen.

Island Hopping The Philippines

Philippines island hopping

Island hopping in the Philippines is calming and tranquil. One of the famous islands is Tawi Tawi Island. It is known as a hidden treasure, and travellers explore it. You can travel there and have a fantastic holiday break.

Romblon is a very small Island and is one of the most spectacular Islands for its natural beauty. It has numerous caves which the tourists explore, and the crystal clear water is a view one must surely see! So do you want to have a fantastic island hopping trip with not only beauty but a tranquil place to chill?

Bali Island Hopping

A few islands at Bali which are best for the hop:

  • Nusa Penida: Has amazing hills with incredible rock formations. It is still growing, and crowds have started to like it.
  • Gili Islands: You can eat, drink, and have numerous places to stay there. It is known as the best honeymoon place and is quiet and unspoiled. It has a wholly chilled-out vibe.
  • Lombok is a tropical rainforest. It is filled with beautiful waterfalls and deserted beaches. It is also the best spot for tourism and island hopping.

Fiji Island Hopping

Fiji island

Here, you can have a proper dinner under the stars on the beach. 

The South Sea and the Bounty Islands are nearby and are known during the nighttime. The screaming children or noisy vibes make the place a little lousy spot during the evening time.

There is a dancing beach known as the Beachcomber, and there is no other beach like the Beachcomber. 

It is one of the most favorite snorkeling spots! You can even organize fire dances during the evening time there and have the best Island hopping in Fiji!


So when are you going island hopping? Isn’t spending a few days at the islands seeing marine life fun and relaxing. It allows one to have a fun time with family and friends. So which island are you planning to visit? Let us know in the comments below!

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