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Argentina or Brazil? Typically a question to be raised about your favorite team in the World Cup, however, for travelers in South America, it’s more likely to reflect on from which country you’re going to be visiting Iguazu Falls. Do you need some help to organize your trip? Check our Iguazu Falls guide to have all the information required before going.

If you are unsure of the problem, the most important detail is that the Iguazu Falls (or Foz do Iguaçu in Portuguese) are in a strange little part of the country. Verging Argentina and Brazil, the fall is one of the most remarkable natural wonders in the world. The Iguazu Falls are 2,700 m (1.7 mi) wide and vary in altitude between 60 m (200 ft) and 82 m (269 ft) with 80 percent of the falls falling on the Argentinian side. There are approximately 275 waterfalls with a variety of heights and widths in the middle of the two sides. Are you excited to travel to these waterfalls?

How To Get There?

Let’s start our Iguazu Falls guide with the transport question. You can get to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires by bus or car, but it’s much quicker and about the same price if you order in advance as if you had a flight. Some of the airlines operating from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu include Aerolineas Argentinas, Norwegian Airlines, Latam Airlines, Travel Bondi, and Andes Lineas Aereas. Instead of a bus ride that can take up to 20 hours, including a rest, the flight is a little over two hours.

The only nearby city to Iguazu Waterfalls is Puerto Iguazu, in Argentina which is a two-hour ride from Buenos Aires. To get from the city to Iguazu Falls, the three ways include a tour, a bus, or a taxi.
There are public buses running every half an hour between Iguazu Falls and the central bus station (estación de omnibus). The bus fills up easily at busy times of the day and year. You can take a taxi as another alternative from Puerto Iguazu to the waterfalls. Prices are often varied and open to negotiation.

Advantages Of Going Without A Guided Tour

There are several benefits of visiting the Iguazu Waterfalls without a guided tour.

  1. Less Costly
  2. You can explore more
  3. No time restriction
  4. Enjoy at a less crowded place 
  5. Do whatever and go wherever you want to, you only need to follow our Iguazu Falls guide 🙂

Iguazu Falls Ticket Price (From Argentina)

Activity Cost ($)
Bus from Argentina to Iguazu $6
Accommodation $300
Entrance fee $18
Boat Tour  $23
Food $13
Total Expense $360

Iguazu Falls Guide: Step By Step Manual

  1. Public transport is the most budget-friendly way to get to the entrance of the falls.
  2. Take bus number 120 from Rodoviario Urbano Bus Terminal.
  3. The bus goes to the airport as well, in case you have to get there later. The very first bus departs at 8 a.m. and goes every 20 minutes, meaning you don’t necessarily have to purchase a ticket in advance.
  4. It is recommended that you get off at the initial viewpoint, since this is what most individuals do, and you won’t have to struggle your path in the reverse direction.
  5. If you have taken enough photographs from the first viewpoint, proceed down the steep path to the top of the Brazilian side, a bridge heading inside the falls where you can spend as much time you like. 
  6. Afterward, you can pass through the restaurants and the shops to the elevators that will take you to the next viewing platform.
  7. When you get to the peak, wait for the bus to get back to the entrance gate, where you’ll have to wait for public bus 120, which will bring you back to town.

Iguazu Falls Weather

Would you like to enjoy the blue sky, mighty seas, or the barren walkways? Well, the good news is that Iguazu Falls is a destination that you can visit all year round.

We could not complete our Iguazu Falls guide without talking about the climate. January and February are the highest times of visitation when both the Brazilians and the Argentines are on vacation. Over the summer, the level of water is high, and the sky appears to be bluer. However, the sun, humidity, and occupancy of the hotels are at their peak. Easter week is the most toured time of the year. 
While it is not, as usual, to visit the falls during the rainy season, June-August is still normal based on the high water levels and flow. The months of September and October offer the perfect chance to witness the fall when temperatures are milder, accommodation costs are lower and there are fewer crowds around. When are you planning to visit this beautiful place then?

Iguazu waterfalls

Food To Eat

What to eat? Nice question! You can have the buffet at the end of the walking path. You can have a vast good range of food right on the lakeside. Be mindful of the Coati, an animal that can grab your food right at the moment you stop paying attention. Don’t try to feed them, or you’ll get attacked, plus they’re full of diseases.

Clothes To Wear

Dressing in comfortable clothes and shoes is a must while visiting the Iguazu Falls of Argentina. But it’s really hot too, and you’re sure to get soaked – so maybe wearing sandals is a better option. A simple dry towel to dry after a boat trip, and sunglasses, sunblock, and a hat to cover yourself from the sun are also important.

Iguazu Falls Guide: Rules And Regulations

Once going on a tour without a guide, check our Iguazu Falls Guide and keep these things in mind

  1. You can take a close look at several waterfalls, which means you can get soaked, but don’t wear something that’s going to be ruined by a bit of moisture.
  2. A lot of the day is going to be spent without shelter, and the hot sun will take its toll. To stay hydrated all day long, carry a good amount of water. Drinkable tap water is available in the park, but its taste is not the good 
  3. Let’s save money where you can, don’t you think? It’s still a smart idea to bring your own meal and snacks. Although the park offers lots of restaurant and snack choices, they are pricey and overcrowded.
Iguazu waterfalls guide


To summarize the Iguazu Falls guide, The Argentinian side has more hikes, paths, and trails to discover, as the falls are on that side, while Brazil has the best viewpoints and panoramic scenery of the falls, which you can see from the front.

Undoubtedly, Iguazu Falls are one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world and it’s hard to tell which side we like most, however, hopefully, this article has helped you in knowing and exploring more about the Iguazu Falls without a tour guide and you will be able to enjoy your trip without wasting tons of money! So, when are you booking your tickets? 

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