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What are the Northern Lights, and how can you see them all by yourself? If you’re planning a tour to Iceland, this article has everything you need to have the most incredible shot of watching a spectacular show. Remember, It is important to keep Iceland Holidays Northern Lights at the top of your traveling lists. 

Catching the Northern Lights is, nevertheless, a blessing that is not given to everyone visiting Iceland. The vivid, dancing colors of the Northern Lights, or Aurora borealis, are as enigmatic to some as they are stunning. Various colors can be seen in the night sky, alluring viewers. 

This spectacular natural light display has been a great tourist attraction for decades. From all around the world, thousands of tourists come to the area every year. They all expect to see a beautiful light show, but others aren’t so lucky. Let’s dive in and discuss the stuff you need to know for seeing the lights without a guided tour.

Northern Lights Iceland March And October

Well, aren’t you curious to know how often are the northern lights visible in Iceland? Well, the Best time to plan your Iceland holidays northern lights is from September to April. As the nights are darker during this season, getting to see the northern lights can have higher chances. Sadly, no guarantees can be given because visibility depends on climatic conditions. The staying duration in Iceland is another significant thing to remember. 

March and October seem to be good options taking into account the weather (not very cold) and the probability to see the northern lights.

Spending at least seven nights in the country is recommended if you really want to see Aurora. This is because Auroras appear to be very intense for two to three nights in a row, and then the activity decreases for four or five nights in a continuous cycle. So choose the days wisely!

Where To See Northern Lights In Iceland

Stay In Town

For your Iceland holidays northern lights, staying in town can be a good option if the (somewhat unlikely) solar and weather requirements are met. If you’ve found yourself a lovely dark spot, you might see the dancing stunning northern lights. Sounds exciting, right?

Go Into The Countryside

Overall, staying in the countryside may improve your odds of seeing the Lights, but you will always be constrained by the weather. It is only recommended for Iceland holidays northern lights with longer stays (about a week) and for those with good luck. 

Rent A Car

Why not, huh? As simple as knowing where the weather is going to be the best, all you need is a car, a compass, and you’ll soon be standing in wonder in the middle of the woods, with the sky burning overhead. When Planning your Iceland holidays northern lights renting a car can turn out to be a suitable alternative. It will really help you with your journey!

how to see The Northern Lights In Iceland

How To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

Going for an Iceland holiday’s northern lights is no less of an adventure. Are you wondering how to get there to see the northern lights? You can see them in the following ways if you are visiting without a guide:

  1. By Walking. You can walk and see the Northern Lights that might appear above you in the sky if the climatic conditions are in your favor. Also,  you do not have to walk too far to enjoy a spectacular show of colorful lights.
  1. By Car. If you’re on a self-driving tour and have a rented car, you can ride in almost any direction in the quest for the perfect site. Also, remember to drive safely through the dark and snowy winter times. You do not want any accidents during your journey now, do you?
  1. Boat Tour. Northern Lights searching at sea is a great experience, and you’ll find a few operators running these incredible Boat tours with nice landscapes and a genuinely unique experience.
  2. Bus Tour. You can also enjoy a minibus tour. If you want to make it even more fun, you can opt for a jeep ride.


  • Choose a night that’s as dark as possible. For eg, the full moon will diminish the influence of the aurora.
  • Light pollution influences the vision so try to stay far away from the crowded town.
  • Extend your Iceland holidays northern lights if needed.
  • Don’t forget to bring a tent out to a faraway, open area, and camp out for a night or two.
  • Stay up late as the lights can appear at any time at night.
  • Wear warm clothes and stay alert.

Advantages Of Going Without A Guided Tour

  • Less Costly. It’s not affordable to hire anyone to drive you to the Northern Lights, so a tour might not be a choice if you’re on a budget.
  • Go wherever you want to go. For those who don’t want an expensive private tour, they should consider exploring and touring on their own.
  • Bunch of different landscapes. If you’re with the bigger guided trips, you can’t get to certain places. This may limit the views you see and may reduce your chances of seeing the lights entirely in the incident of cloud cover.

How Much Does It Cost To See The Northern Lights In Iceland

Planning your iceland trip northern lights without a guided tour and completely on your own can cost you way less than the other way round. But How much? If you rent a car to get to the point where you can see the lights then it costs around $20.

The accommodation expense on the other hand varies with the quality and nights being spent. The regular food at restaurants costs around $22. Apart from this, the other expenses can vary to what suits you.

Iceland Northern Lights Package

Check our selected tours below to book your activity and avoid missing the northern lights on your holidays to Iceland.

General Information

how to see The Northern Lights In Iceland

Where To Stay?

Some locations, such as Magic Mountain Lodge, provide accommodation facilities in the middle of the forest while touring where there is, luckily, very little light pollution. In addition to the breathtaking views and the rich nature-related activities, these places can also be chosen by many who want to see the northern lights during your holidays. Indeed, even though it’s still not ideal, woodland accommodation will give you more chances to really see the Aurora. So, where are you planning to stay?

Food To Eat

How to stop the hunger in the middle of the freezing cold woods? There’s still a shot on your tour to see the Northern Lights on your holidays that you’re waiting for an undetermined amount of time. Having a coffee thermos, hot chocolate, or soup with you can be very beneficial both in keeping you warm and satisfying your hunger. Imagine having those things there! Isn’t it thrilling?

Clothes To Wear

It can be very chilly on the tour! Because of where and when the lights shine, in the winter and up north, you will have to pack those pretty thick coats and wear loads and loads of clothing on your Iceland Holidays Northern Lights. 

  • Fleece and wool are really strong fabrics to include.
  • Bring a backpack and camera bags that are waterproof. 
  • Make sure you have cozy boots with a warm liner for the snow and the cold. 
  • Some other important items include gloves, earmuffs, and hats. 

The weather is going to be really dry and cold. You will need to have moisturizer, chapstick, and sunblock to cover your skin from windburn


To summarize all this, Iceland is a country full of nature and adventure: the right blend for your next trip. The Northern Lights in Iceland are a great experience, and if you are planning to go on holidays without a guided tour then following the above-mentioned tips will help you with your tour in the best possible manner!

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A successful Iceland Holidays Northern Lights | TripTrop
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A successful Iceland Holidays Northern Lights | TripTrop
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