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Palawan, located in the Philippines, is also known as the “7th natural wonder of the world”. Are you thinking that going to Palawan is worth It or not? Well, take our word for it, it is worth it! And also pretty easy on your pocket. We think that Traveling to Palawan is a must if you’re into adventures and aesthetically pleasing destinations. 

Imagine yourself exploring the sea of the island with scuba diving and hiking. And then you start watching turquoise waters with the cleanest white beaches. Is it all not enough to excite you for your day tour at Palawan island? And how can you miss eating the local food and watching fireflies and rare species of marine animals? Excited now, aren’t you? Let’s start with our step by step guide for a one day tour to plan your holiday before going to Palawan. Hopefully, you will not have to expand more bucks on hiring a tour guide once you know all the roadmap.

Flights Going To Palawan

The flights going to Palawan are very affordable. You may get some best deals starting from $21. You should book your ticket at least a day or 2 before the flight to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Once you are done with the ticketing process, start packing your luggage. And don’t forget to pack your beachwear!
Besides this, if you have any action camera or waterproof gear, do take them along since you will have a lot of underwater action at Palawan.

Once you board the flight you will feel the butterflies in your stomach with the level of excitement. You will land at the international airport of Puerto Princesa; a small peaceful and beautiful city of Palawan. Puerto Princesa, the heart of the island is also one of the many attractions this island has to offer. Next, you just need to get your documents verified and go on for an unforgettable adventure.

Budget Hotel In Puerto Princesa Palawan

You may not find many hotels or private places for accommodation as Puerto Princesa isn’t a big city. However, if you are on a day tour, opting for a hotel will be your best bet. The average rent of hotels in Palawan is ₱588. Get yourself a comfy suit and take a nap before starting to explore. You don’t want to be tired during your trip now, do you? 

Car Rental In Puerto Princesa City While Going To Palawan

Now you are ready to explore nature. Hire a private cab or car from local car rental services for the whole day. And if you are more adventurous you can always opt for local transport for a more exciting experience. Puerto Princesa has buses and tricycles for local transport. 

Step-by-step plan

<strong>Step 1: Head To Puerto Princesa Subterranean River</strong>“></div><div class=

Step 1: Head To Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

Palawan’s one of the most famous attractions is the unreal experience of the underground river tour. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is the best place to start your day tour. It consists of a complex range of caves with a river. It is the world’s longest underground river with a beautiful mountain range and waterfalls.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River national park itself is an amazing point for some nice outdoor activities as well. You will be offered a boat ride through the river, harboring dramatic views. You can explore the underground caves further by swimming through them. 
No doubt this is one of the best places you are going to marvel at Palawan. We suggest you spend approximately 2-3 hours there. 
<strong>Step 2: Head To Honda bay</strong>“></div><div class=

Step 2: Head To Honda bay

Honda bay is surrounded by several small islands with beautiful beaches. It’s located in the north of Puerto Princesa on the eastern shore of Palawan Island and it’s really a must-visit for you if you are fond of beaches.
You can swim and enjoy a relaxing sunbath on the beach. Honda bay is also a very good place for fishing. We recommend you to spend 2 hours there and have some fresh seafood too! You will definitely enjoy going to Palawan with this visit.

Step 3: Take A Break For Lunch

After exploring the world’s longest underground river which is a must-see if you are going to Palawan, it is time for some energetic and refreshing lunch. You can have lunch at local food stalls at Puerto Princesa River national park. Park management also offers you a nice meal after a trip to the underground river. But, if you want to try more local food you can always go to a local restaurant nearby. We will recommend you have a nice meal and carry some snacks for the next spot.

Step 4: Head To Ugong Rock

After spending your half-day, why not hike to see a beautiful sunset? Ugogn rocks are natural rock formations where you can hike for adventure. At ugong rock, there are many activities including hiking, high-speed trailing, trekking. We recommend you to enjoy your fullest here with all activities till sunset. This place has a majestic sunset view in the jungle that you don’t want to miss out on! 
<strong>Step 5: Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park</strong>“></div><div class=

Step 5: Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park

Tubbataha Reef National Park is a marine sanctuary that covers 97 Sq KM. This is one of the most divine views you would ever see. This marine park is situated in the middle of sulu lea.
Here, you will witness hundreds of corals, fishes, and other beautiful sea-life. This might take you an hour if you want to enjoy the marine life at its fullest while going to Palawan.

Step 6: Pearl Shopping While Going To Palawan

After spending the whole day with exciting nature at Palawan, It’s time to visit the local market. You can explore the local market for shopping some stuff as your memory of this wonderful place. One of the most common gifts in which tourists buy themselves is a rare seashell pearl. 
Seashell pearls are common there as the Island has several beaches. We recommend you to get some pearls for yourself and your family. It is a very unique and must-have souvenir after going to Palawan.

Step 7: Have Dinner With Grill

At Palawan island, grilled fish is a specialty. We highly recommend you to have dinner at a local restaurant. After dinner, you can go for a round of the city on its local tricycle and explore the town in the city lights at night.


To summarize the article, you will definitely enjoy going to Palawan and this guide was designed to help you plan a one day tour! You will experience nature and adventure both on an easy budget. If you are a nature lover just pack the bag and follow our one-day tour guide. And enjoy some best of natural wonders. See our page for the Philippines for more step-by-step guides: https://withoutour.com/category/asia/philippines/.

Going to palawan : a step-by-step travel guide | TripTrop
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