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France is undoubtedly one of the most visited cities, and people tend to question where to go and make their trips more memorable. Have you packed your bags already but are confused about which places to visit? The perfect help for you is this France Travel advisory.

France SeaPort Name List

France sea port
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The first place in the France Travel Advisory must be the port because that is one of the most loved tourist spots. There are a total of eighty-eight ports in France. So do you want to know the most famous one to have a lifetime in France?


One of the most famous Ports in France. It is located on the Southern Coast of France and is one of the busiest and bustling ports.

It is at an unusual location around a single hill, Mount St Claire, with the Mediterranean on one of its sides and a water lagoon with salty water on the other side.

This port is not only a means of transport but also an excellent spot for photography. The port is divided between high and low towns. Right off the boat, there is a local cuisine which provides delicious food to those visiting. 


It is one of France’s largest fishing ports and has a significant emphasis on seafood and maritime. It has 4.5 liters of water and around 36,000 different creatures, including sharks and seahorses. It comes out as one of the fascinating ports. Various historical sites surround this port.


It is 16 km southeast of Marseille. This port is near a castle which is now a historic hotel. Casis situated near numerous markets and museums is quite famous.


It is located on the North coast of Brittany. It is surrounded by art galleries, shops, and charming streets. This town is mostly known for its seafood and crepes. The port is entirely free of cars, so families enjoy horse and bicycle rides around the place. Roscoff is near a museum that is dedicated to onion farmers.

Aren’t you excited to travel to France and visit one of these ports?

Rules For Driving In France And Spain

The second thing in the France travel advisory must be the rules for people who are willing to drive in France and Spain. Many people go on their own when they travel to France or Spain, and the question in their head is, what are the rules of driving?

If you are going to make your road trip with your cat then check our article about how to sedate a cat for travel.

France Travel Advisory Speed limit

Due to increasing news of the accidents, to save lives, the driving speed of driving has been reduced to 80 Km/h, which equals 50mph.

Clean Air Sticker

There is a sticker which costs around euro 3.60 has to be bought when traveling to different cities, and if one does not carry the sticker, they have to pay euro 120.

Low Emission Zones

A while back, diesel and petrol cars registered before 1977 were only permitted to drive before 8 am and 8 pm on weekdays. In 2020, the rule has been changed to vehicles registered after 2011, only being allowed on the roads.

Reflective Jackets

In case of emergency or a breakdown, drivers are asked to have reflective jackets.


No driver can wear a headphone or any headset while driving. Remember that somebody cannot wear the headset for any purpose, either for songs or calls. But can wear motorbike helmets with integrated systems inserted in them.

Alcohol Limits

The riders who have experience of 3 or less than three years can not intake more than 0.2 liters of alcohol. Those who have an understanding of more than three years can intake 0.5 liters of alcohol. However, both of these cases have an intake that is less than what the UK allows. The UK allows an infusion of 0.8 liters

We hope the rules are clear to you now!

France Tourist Map

france tourist map
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So the third thing in the France travel advisory should be the map. Tourists are usually very excited to see maps of different cities they visit. So are you eager to learn about France’s tourist map?

This map does not show all of the places one must visit in France, but it highlights one of France’s most essential locations. France has a lot of attractive tourist sites that cannot be marked on a single map. But do you want to know some of the most beautiful spots in France?

Here’s a list of a few: 

  1. Cannes film festival: Even though this place is not open to the public, the fans can view their favorite celebrities from afar and have a great time near the beautiful river. 
  2. Millau Bridge: It is the tallest cable bridge in the world at about 343 meters. It is known as one of France’s most extraordinary engineering feats.
  3. Pont Du Gard: This old bridge crosses over the River Gardon, located on the Southern side of France. Back in time, this place’s sole purpose was to bring in water from a spring in Uzes for the Roman Colony. It is one of the highest Roman bridges. 
  4. Chartres Cathedral: This cathedral is located in a small town in Paris. Chartres is known as one of the most magnificent and historical places for the tourist’s eye.
  5. Dune of Pyla: This is the tallest Sand Dune located in Europe in the Arcachon Bay area. The beautiful site not only has a view but a lovely hotel for resting and staying purpose. Moreover, there is a large pine forest on one of the sides of the Dune.
france travel advisory
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These were just a few tourist places in France there is a lot more for one to enjoy. Are you excited to have a fun trip to France? 

Have a fun trip and you once you know the necessary details of France trust me you are all set for a fantastic trip!! We hope this France tour advisory has helped you out! So when are you planning your tour? Let us know in the comments below!

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