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Can You Visit Taj Mahal Without A Guide?

Planning about visiting the famous Taj Mahal? Your travel to India is incomplete without experience visiting Taj Mahal. Each year hundreds of thousands of people line up to see this majestic building with their very own eyes. You wouldn’t want to be bothered by the hordes of visitors, but would you like to see the glory of India? To know about how to make an amazing visit to the Taj Mahal without a travel guide, keep on reading the article.

The Best Time To Visit Taj Mahal

From October to March it’s The best time to experience visiting Taj Mahal. As it’s not that hot, and you can easily avoid the rainy season too. The downside is that there is a greater chance of smog in that time frame, and that can ruin your experience. It’s a lot warmer in the spring, but it’s still fine. The major benefit is that you have less chance of getting smog. The downside is that it’s peak season, and it can be very preoccupied at that time. But it is all about the new experiences, right? Walking in India with that weather in a crowded street has its own fun too!

How To Get There?

So the first question is how to experience visiting Taj Mahal?  Taj Mahal is situated on the bank of the Yamuna River in the town of Agra. Since the city itself is polluted and very crowded, it could be a bit overwhelming for you.  It is easy to get to Agra by train. There are regular trains from Delhi, Jaipur, and Varanasi. It’s wise to book the train tickets well in advance, as the train can fill up fast. You can also tour by bus if the trains are packed. It’s just going to take as long as the train. However, bus transport is much more expensive and less convenient. You can also rent a car/driver from Delhi to bring you back to Agra and Sikri.

Experience Visiting Taj Mahal With A Self-Guided Tour

There are plenty of benefits of visiting Taj Mahal without a tour guide

  • You can explore the historic beauty thoroughly on your own without any restrictions.
  • You can visit whatever time it is convenient for you, evenings or mornings.

It is significantly less costly, and you can spend the money on buying historical items and stuff instead of spending tons on the guided tour.

Taj Mahal Visit Cost

Here is the table that covers all the expenses of going to Taj Mahal, India without a tour guide.

Activity Cost (INR)
Entry Fee INR 1100
Night viewing Tickets INR 750
Transport INR 700
Accommodation INR 1240
Food INR 400
Total Budget INR 4190

Visiting Taj Mahal

experience of visiting taj mahal
  1. Agra is well connected by rail so you can easily get to Agra from Delhi on the train. Agra Cantt is the main railway station. High-speed Shatabdi Express trains run from Delhi, Varanasi, and Rajasthan.
  2. You can also rent a car and the travel time by road from Delhi to Agra is less than three hours.
  3. The bus is a decent choice if you can’t get a train. Convenient, air-conditioned Volvo buses leave from Anand Vihar terminal in New Delhi every single hour of the day.
  4. 30 minutes before sunrise Taj Mahal opens up for the visitors and closes 30 minutes before sunset, typically 6 a.m. till 7 p.m every day of the week, apart from Friday (when it’s closed for prayer). Taj Mahal is also accessible for night viewing every full moon at 8.30 p.m. Until 12.30 a.m.

Food To Eat

Visiting India and already excited about the delicious food!? To enhance your experience visiting Taj Mahal You can go to the restaurants in Agra near Taj Mahal to have Indian Cuisine and traditional Indian food. Moreover, there are food stalls near Taj Mahal as well from where you can get snacks and other food items.

Rules And Regulation

When planning for a visit to Taj Mahal, there are a few things to bear in mind beforehand.

  • Ensure that your visit is arranged for any day other than Friday as the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays.
  • Taj Mahal Tickets can only be purchased on the day of your trip from the counter or online from the official Taj Mahal website. Sometimes online sales don’t work so be prepared for purchasing on the spot in that case. 
  • There are many queues for ticket sales: a queue for tourists and a queue for locals. Get in the correct queue, or else you’re going to be sent away.
  • Do not stand at the South Gate accidentally, as it opens at 8.00 a.m.
  • Stay Alarmed! At around 8 o’clock, the city gets filled up and stays busy for the rest of the day. Give specific orders to the tuk-tuk driver who will take you to the gate in the morning. Or else, you are on the risk that he’ll drop you off on the camel rides, hoping that you’ll travel the last half with one of his mates.
  • There is no food permitted inside.
  • Cigarettes and lighters are also not accepted.
  • Tripods and external lighting devices must be given with prior approval. Photography inside the mausoleum is banned. Most devices (except cameras and small video cameras) are not permitted.
  • Be careful of robbers and rude shop owners. It’s a noisy, high-pressure place, but don’t worry about it as the place is worth visiting!
  • The summer temperature is over 40 Celsius, so take all measures, sunscreen, easy and lightweight clothing. Take just a small backpack or a purse, as heavy backpacks are not required.

Clothes To Wear

While there is no enforced dress code by statute, dressing appropriately displays your appreciation for the local people and their traditions. You would not want to offend the locals now, would you? This is particularly important when exploring temples and other important places in India without a tour guide.

When visiting the Taj Mahal, avoid wearing outfits that reveal your backs, thighs, cleavage, and shoulders. Long-sleeved cotton shirts and pants are the right choices since they are also perfect for sun protection. Women visitors may also don saris, which is very common. Please also remember that before you reach the main tomb, you must remove your shoes or carry a shoe cover (included with the ticket). 


To summarize all this, no matter how you decide to visit India, schedule your journey to experience visiting Taj Mahal understanding that you must ignore all the derogatory details you read about in any of Taj Mahal travel blogs or guides. 
If you’re considering a trip to Taj Mahal without a tour guide, take care of these tips you read about in this article. We hope this article has made traveling without a guide much easier for you! So, when are you going to visit Taj Mahal?

The experience of visiting Taj Mahal without a guide | TripTrop
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