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Have you ever been to Paris? Or are you planning to see it anytime soon? And if you have been to Paris and not visited Disneyland, I am sorry to say that you haven’t seen Paris. So, you should plan a day trip to Disneyland Paris!

A trip to Disneyland will take an entire day because it’s a huge place to roam around. The journey to Disneyland starts with electrifying attractions such as star wars, buzz lightyear’s Astro, and an Indiana Jones-themed roller coaster.

A theme Park In Disneyland

Disneyland paris theme park

We all usually visit parks for rides and adventures, and Disneyland has its different theme parks. So are you excited to know about parks in Disney land? Yes, they are as thrilling as they sound! Having a day trip to Disneyland Paris is incomplete without going to the theme parks!

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the first theme park there and is also known as the children’s favourite park. You might be wondering what makes it the children’s famous playground, right? With the numerous Disney characters roaming in, what can be more fun than getting an opportunity to meet and click photos with your favourite Disney characters?

Walt Disney Studio: 

walt disney studio

Walt Disney Studio is a new Disneyland Resort Theme Park. This one is not a dream for the kids but the adults. This park is the place where one can explore all the secrets of the Disney Films and Series. 

However, you have a full open choice to book tickets for either anyone or both. People prefer visiting Disneyland Paris even if they have no kids because of its adventures and fun-filled vibe.

Tips And Tricks For Your Day Trip To Disneyland In Paris

Below some tips and tricks about visiting Disneyland that should help you organize your visit:

Catching a train from Paris

A train is the most preferred transport to Disneyland because it’s one of the cheapest accommodations for that place. A direct train goes from central Paris to a station outside Disneyland Paris. One has to walk a few steps from the station to Disneyland, and they are just inside the park. So that’s two in one; cheap and closer. So do you think saving your money this way is a fantastic idea?

Do not embrace disneyland in English but in French

Most of us have a mindset that knowing English is the tool, but I am sorry if I am disappointing you, but usually, people talk in french there. Most of the characters and even the staff speak in the french language.   

I would also like to mention that those who have visited the US Disneyland should not keep their hopes high. The cleaning standard and services are not as high as the ones in the US. 

Some essential French words that one must know for a good day trip to Disneyland in Paris

  • The word bonjour is used in place of hello.
  • Merci refers to the word, thank you.
  •  JE voudrais … s’il Vous plaît if someone wants to order lunch for themselves.

Remember to check your weather forecast

It would be best if you went through the weather before planning a day to visit Disneyland so that you can have a fantastic day there. Also, it rains quite frequently there during the day.

Some rides inside the Disneyland park one mustn’t forget taking

Hyperspace Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain are two particular places.

Fast Passes for these rides get finished rapidly, so one must make sure to grab tickets to these places first.

Choose a day when Disneyland is less crowded and choose a residence nearby

There are crowd calendars available on the internet, and you should consider the calendar before choosing a day. 

In addition to that, please choose a hotel which is near to Disneyland. You will have comfortable and faster access to the park this way.

You should also check the park’s opening hour, and it’s better to arrive a little earlier before the park opens. The reason behind this is that they usually let people get in before the official opening hours, so you will get a chance to go in early. You can then take the most popular rides before the place gets bustling again. You can even buy and avail yourself of the fast passes; fast passes are available for Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Big Thunder Mountain, Peter Pan’s Flight, etc. 

If you don’t mind missing the parade, you can even avail yourself of the rides when most people would be busy seeing the train. Are you aware that you must not eat during the rides, and if not, please make sure you avoid heavy eating! 
Lastly, make use of the Disneyland app to know the rides’ waiting times so that you waste no time and go to rides where you can have your turns earlier.

Do not forget the adventure aisle

adventure aisle disneyland

This area is most likely to be loved by the kids and is one of the most remarkable places for the kids to have a great day. The kids can explore suspension bridges, caves, and even the Swiss Family TreeHouse. The best day trip to Disneyland Paris is where you make most of your memories! Isn’t it?

disneyland paris day trip

After you have a day at Disneyland and have the best day of your life, make sure you rest. It is essential to take a break. You should relax and let your muscles loosen for a while. I am sure you must have taken my tip of not eating fatty exceptionally and must be craving something badly right now! So, go to a nearby restaurant and order something for yourself. Fill your belly and smile!


I am very excited to have another day trip to Disneyland Paris and explore more of it! It truly is a great place to spend your day. Are you excited? When are you planning to have a day trip to Disneyland?

Prepare your day trip to Disneyland in Paris: the complete guide
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Prepare your day trip to Disneyland in Paris: the complete guide
Are you planning a day trip to Disneyland in Paris? Check our tips and tricks to get all the information you need to know before visiting it.
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