Prepare Your Colombia And Peru Trip Effectively

Colombia and Peru are the two countries that share a huge part of their border, and both of them are famous for their hospitality and love towards tourism. Colombia is a country which is famous for its green attractive land, and they have opened their gates for the travellers so that they can also enjoy the charm and beauty. Many people find it hard to decide which of the countries they should visit and for them the best thing to do is have a Colombia and Peru trip which cover both the countries. 

Colombia and Peru trip

When it comes to Colombia, it is less about tourist attraction than the natural beauty of all the cities and those calming beaches. However, if you’re looking for some great tourist attractions, Colombia also offers some of them where you can have a great experience. 

Route For Your Colombia And Peru Trip

If you’re planning for a Colombia and Peru trip, you can en route to Medellin, Colombia. It depends on you the number of days you want to spend visiting all the beautiful attractions and beaches of Colombia. Your next check-in can be in Lima, Peru, where you can visit the nearby cities and tourist attractions until you don’t fly to the other part of Peru that is Cusco city. 

If you have a month-long Colombia and Peru trip, then you can spend a week in all four locations, which could be great for enjoying all the natural vibes of Colombia and the beautiful valleys of Peru. The next spot after Cusco city should be Bogota, Colombia, where you can spend the last week of your month travelling before returning to normal life. 

What South American Country Rests Between Colombia And Peru?

Ecuador is the South American country that rests between the two countries Colombia and Peru. Ecuador has a border that meets Colombia on the north, and the other part of the border meets Peru from east and south. However, the west border touches the pacific ocean. 

Tourist Attractions In Colombia 

During this Colombia and Peru trip, you have to be quick while deciding which tourist attraction you must visit. Below are the few tourist attractions you can visit on this Colombia and Peru trip.

The Walled City Of Cartagena

Cartagena Colombia

It is one of the cities of Columbia, which is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The city is located in the north of Columbia, and it is also the capital of the Bolivar region. Cartagena has a lot to offer to its visitors, and one of the most heavenly places are the islands around the Cartagena. Tierra Bomba island, Baru island, and Mucura island are the few most popular ones. 

The colonial architecture offered by Cartagena De Indias is the most exciting thing to experience while travelling. And the best part about visiting any city of Columbia is the last landscape it has, which can bring you the perfect vacation feels. Since the city is around the shore, you can also enjoy the beach life with warm water and a refreshing breeze.

Tayrona National Park

This place can be a perfect resort for any beach lover. The soft and white sands of Tayrona Park beach have a beautiful view along with crystalline water and be a good reason for you to visit Tayrona Park. This beautiful park is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills. This Park is located about 5650 meters above sea level. Most people who are nature lovers get attracted to such natural and beautiful landscapes that offer unforgettable sunsets. 

Monserrate In Bogota

The capital of Colombia is Bogota City, and it is also one of the largest cities of Colombia. One of the most beautiful places in Bogota city is the sanctuary of Monserrate, present in the Eastern Hills of Bogota City. The Sanctuary of Monserrate is located about 3,172 meters above sea level at Cerro De Las Nieves. If you walk a 2 Miles path, then you can also visit the traditional religious pilgrimage site of the lady of Monserrate. 

Salt Cathedral Of Zipaquira

There is a mine of salt and light located in Zipaquira, which is also the capital of the department of Cundinamarca. It is located only 48 kilometres away from Bogota. The average temperature of this salt mine is 14 degrees celsius, and it is buried deep down in the hill of Zipaquira. The salt mine tour will last about 60 minutes, and there are also weddings held in the same cathedral.

Tourist Attractions In Peru

If we move towards all the tourist attractions offered by Peru, then we have a huge list. However, here we will list the few most attractive ones. 

Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are one of the most attractive yet eerie heritage sites, and the mystery behind their appearance is still unknown. People still get curious upon visiting this place, and it gets hard not to question things like who created these and what was the reason. The aerial view of Nazca lines can show hummingbirds, monkeys, Giant birds, and Spider being drawn with these lines. They are also declared as a world heritage by UNESCO. The overland drive from Lima to Nazca lines is 4 hours.

Overflight of the Nasca Lines Peru

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is one of the most beautiful and green tourist attractions offered by Peru. It is also one of the deepest canyons, which is surrounded by typical Andean vegetation. This place can be super delightful for activities like sports and relaxation. It has thermal waters, rafting, climbing, and trekking to offer to its visitors. 

If you want to enjoy the actual beauty of nature, then you can also watch typical highland animals like alpacas and pumas peacefully rejoicing in their natural habitat. The Valley of Colca Canyon has a very mild climate and can be very suitable for visitors from any region. You can travel 17hours overland from Lima to visit this beautiful tourist attraction. 

The Islands Of Lake Titicaca

View of Lake Titicaca Peru

The number of islands inside this lake is outstanding, and each of these islands preserves its history. You can experience the traditions and customs of those communities that habitat on those islands. About 21 hours of overland drive from Lima can make you reach this lake.

Huacachina Oasis

Some legends say that this lake was formed because a green-eyed lady cried for the death of her lover. The surrounding of this lake is all green and trees to preserve its beauty. Approximately 3 hours of drive from Lima is required to reach this lake. 

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