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Chichen Itza history

Does it never occur to you to get to know more about Chichen Itza history? What is this place? What is its background, and what makes it so special and attractive to the tourists? You might have seen it on tv or the internet. People also interact with it for the first time on wallpapers. Most of the Mexicans find it their historical remains but do not know the full Chichen Itza’s history and the background story about this amazingly designed temple.

 Chichen Itza is basically a place in Mexico near the peninsula. This name has a very famous and interesting background. It is basically a city of Mayan people. In this language, this name means “at the mouth of the well of Itza. In this name, the Itza represents a brave and noble family from the northern side of the city. The wells refer to the underground flowing rivers that used to be the main source of granting water to the whole city.

How Old Is Chichén Itza?

It is quite hard to be exact about Chichen Itza history and its age. According to the evidence and the data we have collected from the historical records, it is here sine 600-700 A.D. You can tell by looking at the building that it belongs to the past of centuries. It is our rough estimation that it is 1500 years old by considering the most evidence.

Chichen Itza History: Construction

In that early time period, the city sped up its building quality and started expanding and enhancing. According to some of our territorial and archaeological records, it tells us that it was constructed from time to time in the 13th century. But later on, in the 16th century, it was vanquished by the Spanish army.  

Who Built It And Why?

Chichen Itza building

The Chichén Itza history records tell us that it was built by the ancient people called Mayans that were living in the Yucatan Peninsula. You can identify it by looking at the design of architecture. Although it was a ritual, their culture and architecture belonged to the specific tribes. It varied from time to time and place to place, reflecting their establishment and prosperity among others in the region.

The main reason for its finding is too hard to find as there are hardly any narratives or anything or anyone to confirm. We can only observe the remains and get to the truth as close as possible. According to most of the statements about Chichen Itza history, one of the main reasons was it’s close occurrence to the Xtoloc cenote. It was the first approach to underground freshwater.

There is also a theory that their main approach to freshwater was their sinkhole well system. Some Spanish writers and archaeologists have narrated that the Mayans had a ritual back then. Their female victims and guilty ones were ordered to throw in one of the largest of these wells. They considered their punishment and sacrificed them to live them with their rain god in the depths of these wells. However, it is just a theory because they have found their bones and some old jewellery items as their last worn thing at that time.

Chichén Itza Map:

Chichen Itza map

Talking about its locality on the map, it is situated in the central north area in Peninsula. If you want to get there from Valladolid city, you will require only 10 minutes‘ drive as it is at a distance of 35 kilometres. If you want to know the distance from the capital of Yucatan, it is 120 kilometres away. In Mexico, you can have a travelling option to reach Chichen Itza through road travel. You can either travel by bus, or you can hire your own personal car for rent.

To its very next is the castle of El Castillo. It has a pyramid-like structure. It is the tallest building in Chichen Itza with a height of 98 feet. It represents the excellence in importance and efficiency in astronomy. Most of the European buildings are connected through paving roadways and sidewalks as they lack paved streets. It also has a cenote nearby. The cenote is a sacred well or spring that has huge respect and value from the residents. Besides using it for water consumption, they also made it the point of human sacrifices.

Cancun To Chichen Itza:

It might be true that people are hearing this for the first time. Basically, Cancun is the name of a place in the neighbouring state of Quintana Roo. Going from Cancun to Chichen Itza can be a bit hectic as it has 188 kilometres distance.

If you have already made your mind explore this great building, you may have started searching about the routes. Luckily, getting there is possible through the road. You can go by bus or hire a taxi. The taxi will cost you 250 pesos for one hour. You can also book them for a whole day to roam around the city. It will only cause you 3500 pesos. The experience and visit will be worthwhile the expense.

Mayan’s Calendar And Astronomical Expertise:

When you read Chichen Itza history, even at that time, they had an amazing sense of astronomy, and they had architected their building accordingly. They were so advanced to predict the solar and lunar eclipses and observe the space changes. The calendar of 365 days that we are using today is the work of Mayans’ science at that time. There is twice a time when spring and autumn come; you can see a serpent shadow on the pyramid. When it is the time of sunset, it appears coming down the stairs joining the head serpent.


There is no doubt that it has achieved the status of seven wonders of the world. It is newly added to the list because of mainly handmade ancient importance with the significance of culture in mind. They have a lot of building structures with such detailing that is beyond our thinking. Even at that time, the Mayans used different colours to beautify their walls and other ornaments. People have reported their colours that have now turned into a grey colour. Chichen Itza history is so rich and so much to offer that you will read about it without getting bored or anything.

Chichen Itza History: Various Informations About the site
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