What to Explore When on Chernobyl Holidays

We all know the brief history of Chernobyl, don’t we? But some of us are brave enough to have this idea of having the Chernobyl holidays and see what happened there all these years ago. Along with the thought of visiting Chernobyl, you’ll also come up with questions like is it safe to visit, how to apply for a visa, what is the best time to visit Chernobyl tours with flights from the UK, what are the top places to visit, and how many days you should stay there. 

Answering all of these questions, this blog will help you to make your trip as smooth as possible. To make up your mind and move gradually towards the places you should visit, we will first discuss the brief history of the Chernobyl disaster. 

Brief History Of The Chernobyl Disaster

About 35 years ago, in 1986, on the 26th of April at 1:23 AM local time, reactor # 4, which was a part of the USSR, of the Chernobyl power plant exploded. This accident occurred while performing a safety test to eliminate an electrical power outage. This explosion caused the graphite moderator to get exposed to the air. 

Just a few minutes after the explosion, highly radioactive dust was present in the air, affecting more than millions of people living in Europe and other parts of the world. The most affected city by that disaster was Pripyat. Most of the people that lived in Pripyat were workers of the same power plant. 

After 36 hours, the whole city was made to evacuate, and the city was left abandoned. Later the evacuation zone also increased to 30KM as radioactive air approached further, and Chernobyl was abandoned. Later a huge sarcophagus was built over the exploded reactor to decrease the spread of radioactive contamination. 

What To Explore And When On A Chernobyl Holidays

Chernobyl holidays

It depends on you what time of the year you would prefer to go to Chernobyl tours with flights from the UK. The type of weather you like the most can make you decide when you should plan the Chernobyl holidays. Apart from your personal choices, you can enjoy Chernobyl holidays around any part of the year; however, if you wish to experience a clear and fine type of weather, you better opt for summers between June and August. 

However, you better be well prepared because the temperature in summers can rise to 30degree Celsius, which can be quite hot for some of you. An alternative to that is, you better enjoy the Chernobyl holidays in spring or autumn when all the trees turn beautifully orange, and everything around becomes more colourful. It is a more manageable and less hot kind of weather in spring and autumn. 

Most people don’t prefer it, but you can also opt for visiting Chernobyl in winters, which can be the eeriest time. The white and elegant snow on the doomed buildings, along with all that fog in the sky and dry trees, make the Chernobyl look even more remarkable.

Top Attractions To Visit In Chernobyl Holidays:

In the long-ago abandoned city of Chernobyl, you will arrive to see all the remains of it’s past and the disaster, and along with that, you will also experience some citizens living in their homes as if nothing ever happened. Your stay might be somewhere else, but you can be staying up in Chernobyl if you choose to have a multi-day tour.

You will visit a couple of places, and we have listed them below. 

Duga Radar Russian Woodpecker

Once you’re done driving around Chernobyl, your tour guide or group will take you to a forest, dropping you off there so that you can walk to one of the huge secret constructions present in that forest of Chernobyl. This huge construction is known as the Duga Woodpecker radar. This radar, the Duga Woodpecker, was once a soviet radar made to work over-the-horizon. 


It was a part of a defence system that was made to give early-warning on missile detection. It worked by detecting the missile attacks that were sent by the US. Since it had to be very hidden, large trees were made to grow around it so that people couldn’t spot it easily. Since it was made huge and massive, it required a lot of power supply as well, and this is why they built the grid, which was present in the range of the Chernobyl nuclear plant. 

This radar’s name is woodpecker radar because of its sharp and repetitive broadcasting of radio waves. It used to appear without warning, and amateur radio operators used to call it “Russian Woodpecker.” You can be walking here for around 15 minutes until your guide explains to you how the radar works, and then you will have to move to the next location. 

Reactor No 4

Your guide will probably make you stop at this reactor # 4 and explain how it was made. Initially, the plan was to build at least 10 reactors to supply energy to all the USSR from the same place. However, before the plan could complete, the disaster happened. It was the fifth one’s construction halfway when the disaster occurred. 

Chernobyl Reactor

However, now you might also notice that there are newly built confinements that are covering reactor # 4 when you’re passing through the road far from it. It became possible with the help of many European nations. It cost around 2.3 billion dollars

Lunch At Canteen 19

Canteen 19 was built for Chernobyl workers, and the food offered there is delicious and cheap. What is interesting about this place is, you can go through a soviet-style detector for radiation where you are supposed to put your hands on each side of the machine so that you get checked before you enter the canteen. Your radioactivity levels must comply with the law to let you enter. 

Canteen 19

Moving ahead from the Chernobyl holidays, your travel guide will also take you to the places like Pripyat and Kopachi town, where you will experience the real exotic and eerie feel. 


Chernobyl holidays are excellent for those who are more into history and eerie stuff than cheery and Disney kind of stuff. However, you can be both too. You can visit Chernobyl tours with flights from UK almost any time of the year and experience the thrill of all the ruined remains of the disaster by visiting these places. 

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