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Planning to visit Brussels, but more than the Brussels tourist map, you want to know more details about each attraction? Brussels is a beautiful place to see if you are planning for a vacation. This capital of Belgium is one of those places known for its classic Vibe and the incredibly unique and easy-going people. You will find a lot of warm Smiles and some unique yet beautiful places to visit in Brussels. When enjoying Belgian life and lifestyle in Brussels, you will love the great culture and the incredibly great towns and ours as well.

Do you want to know some of the top places to visit in Brussels without using the Brussels tourist map? Well, we can tell you some places that you can keep at your fingertips when you are in Brussels.

Brussels Tourist Map

Brussels tourist map
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Top 8 Attractions

Grand Place

Grand palace

You will find the Grand place in the heart of the city, which is the old town and known as a significant market. It is an elegant square with magnificent architecture and carved stonework. Not only that, but you will also find some exquisite and rich gold decoration; there are Constructions from 1696 to 1700 with will warm your blood because of their beautiful carving on the stones and the massive yet extravagant designs in elevation. There are some great and uniquely recognizable Constructions in the area that were built in 1400. You can check out the Brussels tourist map above to find out the exact location.

Mannekin Pis

Mannekin pis

Do you want to check A Remarkable landmark? Well, we have found you one while you are in Brussels. It is a famous Landmark known because of its popular figure of a small boy urinating. This Landmark is also referred to as the old citizen of Brussels. This statue was made back in 1619, which was stolen several times but recovered as well. If you are visiting Brussels during occasions and events, you will find this unique Landmark dressed in a costume.

Saint Michel Cathedral

St michel cathedral Brussels tourist map

When in Brussels you cannot miss this Cathedral. The Saint Michael cathedral was built back in 1225, but later it was completed in the 15th century. The beautiful construction of this Majestic Cathedral is worth praising. This lavish category has a lot to offer to the tourist, including the outstanding glass Windows and architecture that is perfect eye candy. This Gothic Church has an impressive façade.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

Belgian comic strip center

This building, built back in 1906, has been entirely dedicated to the comic and cartoon strips. It has been in exhibiting over 200 original comic strips for many years, and it has a lot more than you can Discover when you are in the Belgian comic strip center. There is a Museum as well that is popular for the comic strips. You will also find a collection of manuscripts and sketches. When in Brussels, you can easily find the Belgian comic strip Centre. If not, you can use the Brussels tourist map that will guide you here.

Royal Palace 

royal palace

Want to have some Royal and impressive pictures while you are in Brussels with a perfect touch of Belgian royalty? Well, we can guide you to someplace that is just perfect. You can visit the Royal Palace that is unique and has a lot to offer for the tourist. You can get a free guided tour to check the palace interior and the Grand reception that is available for the tourist. If you want to check the culture of Brussels and Belgium, you can check this cultural building, which is fantastic. This magnificent Palace is not only e the official residence of the Belgian royal family and is one of the important buildings that you will find in Brussels. Moreover, this building will give you absolute chills because of its fantastic and outstanding construction.

Belgian Royal Museum

Belgian Royal museum

When in Brussels, you cannot miss out on the Belgian Royal Museum that is perfectly fine because of the collection of Fine Arts collected over the years between 1875 to 81. It is the most extensive art gallery in the world that you can check. The impressive architecture, along with the fantastic pieces of art that have been collected here for a very long time. This is one place that you must check out when you are in Central Brussels.



Another famous and best-known tourist attraction is this Atomium landmark. This is around 102 meters high, and it is made from aluminum and steel material, which was constructed back in 1958. It is a serial site to discover. The sci-fi interior and the landmark that has the lowest fares and a structure that is impressive will leave you in awe.

Chateau Royale

Chateau Royale brussels tourist map

Another famous place when you are in Brussels is the home of the royal family. The Chateau Royal is open to the public and especially the tourist who wants to explore Belgium’s culture and want to check out this attraction. He can tell you that this tourist attraction is worth visiting. Not only are the residents amazing, but the delightful Footpath and the other attractions around the residence will also make you feel happy.


These are some of the very well known tourist attractions in Brussels. But that does not mean that these are the only ones. You can find out various other tourist attractions on the Brussels tourist map. You can book a guided tour or hire someone to guide you and take you around the city. Brussels is a beautiful city and also the heart of Belgium. You can Discover a lot more than just the landmarks and the palaces. Some archaeological sites are also available, and you can also Discover some fantastic and picturesque tourist attractions that offer you a lot more. Apart from the sightseeing, you can find out luxury Hotels and mid-range hotels also. If you are on a very tight budget, you can also find some incredibly great budget-friendly hotels. There are some utterly top-notch restaurants and cafes, even there in Brussels.

Brussels Tourist Map: The 8 most popular places to visit | TripTrop
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Brussels Tourist Map: The 8 most popular places to visit | TripTrop
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