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Are you bored resting at home and wasting those precious winters of your life? But why, when you can enjoy those short days and long nights with hot coffees and snowflakes? Wanna know the best winter city breaks you can visit?

Which Cities To Visit In Winters

Best City Breaks In December


No matter how impressive the summer breaks are, the winter break always kicks in with a twist. The best winter city breaks can bring a change in the environment and will cheer you up. You can visit Berlin, the capital of Germany, in December

The winters in Berlin are usually cold, and the city is often covered in ice. January and February are the coldest months. However, if you want to enjoy it, it is better to visit Berlin in December. The frozen lakes will likely be a perfect spot for ice skating. Berlin is home to parks and is well-known for Tempelhofer Feld, the most stunning place among its parks. 

Moreover, its restaurants and shops provide you with the best service one looks for. The well-lit city is also known for its long nights due to its cafes, making sure to make the most out of it. 

Their sense of fashion, including the churches and museums, build up your interest, and is this not exciting enough for you to spend a winter holiday there?

Best European City Breaks In January

Europe has always been the center of attraction for tourism and has always proven to be the best at providing winter city breaks for tourists. The month of January is usually cheap compared to other months in winter, with fewer tourists providing you with better opportunities to enjoy your city breaks.


London has always managed to gain its reputation by providing luxuries and enveloping the tourists in the city’s great history and cultures. The fine food and a great taste in art have always kept the city in the top attractive places in Europe. However, the month of January is a perfect season. Even the most expensive cities are often found cheap in January with tons of sites to explore, from historical artifacts to modern museums and restaurants.


Vienna has never given up when it comes to culture and artifacts. It has always proven to challenge other cities and has been found victorious when it comes to winning the tourists’ hearts. 

January is perfect for taking a small ride to another city such as Vienna, which is cheap and famous for its ‘hot chocolate.’ It’s captivating museums, and enchanting artifacts are also the reason for its fame. So why not visit these places in January rather than sit and procrastinate.

Best Breaks In February

After being busy in January, sometimes we crave to take a brief pause, so February serves just according to our needs.


barcelona winter city break
Top view of Passage Colom. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has been famous for a time now, and it just seems to be perfect for a short break. It is renowned for many things, including one of Europe’s most rare churches. The church dominates all of the other monuments, with its 18 spindly towers soaring high above all. Moreover, the city has earned fame for its 2000 years old Gothic Quarter; it has been the spiritual centre of the town and consists of relics of ancient Roman buildings.

New Orleans

New Orleans is also a competitive city for tourism, a break in February can be pleasing when you get to know something new and different, and New Orleans is known for its distinct music, it is Creole cuisine. The city has both African and American cultures and has a vast history, and the town is worth a visit if you want to have a change of environment.


best winter city breaks

Arizona, a city in the USA that consists of a town, Sedona, famous for the red sandstone formations, drizzles with snowy dust in winter. To make it more exciting, you can take a trip on hot air balloons and hike on tracks; you can also enjoy the sunrise with the citrusy food taste in their restaurants and help yourself with spa treatments.

Best Winter City Breas For Different Styles

Best City Breaks With Kids

City breaks with families have always been fantastic. There are many family-friendly cities globally, but some have always stood on the top, like Lisbon, an elegant town in Portugal. Lisbon has proven to be fun and teaches many things about its history through museums and artifacts to tourists. One of the city’s most famous sites is the Oceanário de Lisboa, and the whole family will be amazed by the great muster of sea house life. Youngsters of all ages will be caught up in the Adventure Park. However, the best site is from the cable car where the whole family is together and is mesmerized by the sea’s view. So are you ready to have the best winter city breaks?

Best Solo European City Breaks

solo city break

Solo traveling is mostly favored by those who want to take a break for a while and want a change. Amongst the best of places is Lake Bled, located in Slovenia.

 Its magical view captures the hearts of the tourists. It is a lake in the Julian Alps and lies in a picturesque environment, surrounded by mountains and forests. Above the lake stands a medieval Bled castle on the north shore and has a famous museum. Do you love exploring the history and have the best winter city breaks?

Best European City Breaks For Girl Groups

girls city break

Girls’ weekend should be the best winter city break that includes everything, from lying on the beach to partying; New York is the best place.

New York has everything a girl wants. You can fulfil their endless shopping list in the city. The buzzing atmosphere is fit for them, and the theatres and the cafes will make them feel like they have reached paradise. Moreover, the Statue of Liberty will be breathtaking when they see it for the first time in their life.

If the girls have to enjoy the scenery, then the all-famous Central park is just the right one. The Metropolitan Museum Of Arts will raise their interest in history even if they found it incredibly dull. However, the jaw-dropping Empire State Building will have their concentration all the time due to its unbelievable height. However, Times Square will be the center of attraction for all the girls as the buzzing sound and the buddy streets will make their night the best one they ever had to spend.


To summarize our best winter city breaks list, I would say that you shouldn’t waste your holidays and indeed take some time out for yourself. We all need time to relax, don’t we? So where are you planning to spend your holidays? Let us know in the comments below!

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