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Are you thinking about traveling? But wait, do you have the right luggage? A lot of options including Rolling suitcases, backpacks, and duffle bags are available. But the real question is, what kind of trip are you taking? Is it an overnight stay or three months trekking around the world? 
Choosing the best luggage for international travel is the key to have a carefree track around the globe. Without having to worry about your belongings while you travel, it gives you peace of mind. Now let’s look at the best luggage sets for international travel.

Best Luggage Brand For International Travel

If you have a wide variety to choose from, it’s preferable to have a narrowed list with all the pros and cons to save yourself from going wrong with your choice. What you need is a well-constructed bag that has sufficient space and functions effortlessly. Here is the list of best luggage for international travel to help you narrow down your hunt for the right luggage.

  • American Tourister: this brand is the right choice for occasional crusaders if you are looking for something mid-range. They have a soft side and hard side luggage with bold colors, including marvel and Disney character prints. You can easily retail it online. 
  • Samsonite. Are you looking for style durability and quality? Samsonite is your answer. They have a low to the mid-price range and a wide variety of products like backpacks, garment bags, four-wheeled bags, etc. 
  • Delsey Helium Aero 26. When it was time to check the durability of Delsey, it even survived a car dropped on it. It will be a good investment if you are a frequent traveler. Their line also encompasses style with incredible color themes. 
  • TravelPro: it was initially invented by an airline pilot, keeping the need for wheels on luggage in mind. He introduced two wheels rollaboard and also a four-wheel spinner. Their new line comes with luxury fabrics and leather with a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for the best luggage for international travel, this is the one for you! 
  • Eagle Creek: these are more occasional and outdoorsy backpacks type luggage. They make them resist all kinds of weather conditions, rough handling with heavy-duty wheels and polyester fabrics, and puncture-proof zippers. If you love your trips to the mountains and Islands, these bags are your best bet. Just above the mid-range with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Briggs and Riley: they have inaugurated various innovations to make packing more manageable and efficient. It has a different flat packing surface with very few wrinkles with additional CX expansion and compression technology that provides more packing space and then returns to the original size. If you are a heavy packer, these bags are for you! The prices are comparatively higher than midrange with good quality and warranty. 
  • Tumi is a luxury brand that centralizes quality, durability, style, and innovation. The price ranges are slightly higher than mid-range with free monogramming, repairing tracking of the misplaced luggage, and other courtesies like the add-a-bag system. Tumis uses fine leather and abrasion-proof nylon. If you prefer to travel with style, tumis are your brand! 
  • Bric’s is also known for utilizing high-quality material, reliability, and Italian style design. The brand uses full-grain leather, ultra-light polycarbonate for their formidable side collection, and nylon for their soft side bags. The prices are worth the design and material of the product. If you are an Italian style fan, Bric’s has got you covered.

Best Luggage Locks For International Travel

luggage locks


Primarily people don’t think much about locks for the luggage but let me inform you; it is an essential element! You should consider the best luggage locks for International travel. To assure the safety of your belongings.

With the best luggage for international travels comes the best locks, yet to be on the safe side, it’s not too bad to have extra locks. From the typical padlocks to the new card locks, you have plenty of options to choose from. Here, let’s have a look at some new and amazing bolts for your luggage. 

  • Key locks: well, the good old key locks, also known as padlocks, are cheap and easy to use, but you have to take extra care of the little key, or you will have to break the lock apart, and then it will be useless for you.  
  • Combination locks: these are more in use these days for being affordable and more effective without having to worry about the key. These locks are a good idea given you don’t forget the combination. However, if you tend to forget a lot, save the combination on your phone. 
  • Cable locks: Cable locks have a flexible cable rather than a stiff metal clip to lock; hence you can use them in multiple situations, not just for suitcases and backpacks. But even for strongboxes when you are on a trip. 
  • Key card locks: just like the cards you use for hotel doors; key card locks work like that. Slightly on the heavy side, these are handy if you want to keep everything in your wallet. It will fit nicely in one of your wallet’s credit card folds.
  • Two-pack cable locks: they give not one but two cable locks. They have a lifelong warranty and so worth the money. TSA approved across the USA your luggage will be checked without being broken into; its amazing technology will notify you when somebody will electrically check the bag. The lock has three digits combinations so again, you don’t have to worry about the key. 

Best Luggage Sets For International Travel 

Buying a luggage set is always a sensible decision making finding the bags of the whole family easier. Furthermore, the collection offers all kinds of sizes for you to choose from. Let’s have a look at some best luggage sets for international travel. 

  • Samsonite luggage sets offer great variety with quality in all the sizes and colors to allow everyone to find what they like. 
  • Tumi luggage set: if you’re in search of something sophisticated and less flashy with durability, You can’t go wrong with the Tumis luggage collection. 


To summarize, we often overlook the need for reliable and durable luggage hence buying expensive stuff with terrible quality. This way we end up wasting our money. 
Buying the best luggage for international travel is crucial when you are a frequent traveler or a crusading lover. So when are you investing in your luggage? It might set the mood of traveling and you end up having an experience of a lifetime.

The Best Luggage For International Travel: The ultimate Guide | TripTrop
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The Best Luggage For International Travel: The ultimate Guide | TripTrop
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