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Does it ever occur to you to plan a trip to have a Bali experience and explore this island? Indonesia is a country that mainly consists of more than 17,000 islands. Indonesia is mostly famous for this same reason; travelling and tourism. Among these islands, the significance and importance Bali has attained. Unfortunately, no other islands have got that fame. It was once tagged as the world’s best place for tourists back in 2017.

Discover Bali experience

Whether you are in search of some kind of adventure for this weekend or holiday or you are deprived of peace and relaxation, it has got the perfect places in both cases. If you think about giving rest to your body and get a serene time with your family or loved ones, there are some of the world’s most beautiful white beaches and restaurants. For the adventurous time, you can hike in the mountains or go to dive deep into the sea to discover the world below the surface of the water. 

Best Tourist’s Attraction For Bali Experience:

Monkey Forest-Ubud:

Bali Ubud

As the name describes, there is a forest in Bali where you will get to meet too many of the long-tailed monkeys. There are around 750 monkeys in total. They are segregated into six different groups: temple, main centre, eastern, etc. The people of the village in Ubud believe the monkeys as a sign of prosperity and wellness in all economic, environmental, political, and spiritual aspects. This forest is the centre of attention for tourists because of its relaxed environment and fresh air. Plus, the greenery gives a soothing, great sight to your eyes. The forest is near to the resorts and hotels so you can find it within walking distance.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace:

Rice Terrace experience

If you explore touring and attaining the Bali experience at full, you will definitely find it there. This rice terrace is situated in Ubud. It has around 20 minutes‘ drive from Ubud, and going there will be really worth it. It is mostly famous for its “love Bali” signs and the most popular swing. You will find them on the roadsides. If you ask us when to go? Then, you should get there before 10 in the morning. If not, then you should get there around sunset time. It has a mesmerizing view, which will be giving you the hell of memory to forget.

Ubud Art Market:

Ubud Art Market

 Bali apart from the sceneries and natural beauty is also famous for its rich background, culture, and tradition. The craftsmen are quite skilled from there who put their best work on display in this art market, presenting the antiques of this island. It is no doubt a heaven for those who are big fans of art and old historical traditions. 



It will be hard for us to suggest you a better resort than this. This beach is best known for the white beach and the exciting experiences it contains. You can stay there in resorts and visit from there to places and get back there at night. Besides the beach, they also have some of the most exciting clubs, shopping centers, and restaurants within walking distance. From there, you can also take a boat to go and visit Nusa Penida island there. It has the view that you will always remember. It will take 30 minutes of your time to get there, but you will definitely return with too many great memories. 

Best Restaurants To Visit:

Abe Do:

Abe do restaurant

It is a small restaurant near Ubud village. They have made the ambience, which gives the exact vibe of Balinese cuisine. The owners and managers are very well known and praised because of their great hospitality. They have the floor sitting setup where they serve local traditional dishes special and famous there. The main essence is the relaxed environment, which will make you stay there more and talk to your loved ones. 

Bali Asli:

Bali Asli restaurant

In the name, Asli means the real Bali experience. We mean, they started this restaurant with a motto of not getting out of the Balinese cultural food. Therefore, they are using the basic methods of cooking from there. Surprisingly, the owner Penelope Williams is in the background of London, United Kingdom. There is more than just eating. They also teach people about cooking food in their style and give away their food guides, which will give you sufficient knowledge about nothing but Balinese cuisine. 

The Café:

The Café Bali

It is a place in Mulia Bali which has the rich status of six-star hotel Nusa Dua. They have hired professional chefs for six different sections to serve their customers. It includes from sushi to bacon and Italian pizza. They allow the customers to look at their food while cooking to make sure their curiosities and hygiene. They are well-praised for their fresh food service. 

How Much Will It Cost For One Week? 

Here, we will give you an estimate to trip to your Bali experience for the common men who come in affordability of most people. Keep in mind that the estimates are for a single person. For couples or families, double or multiply it by the number of family members. It can cost your airplane ticket from 750-850 dollars. The rental cost of a hotel can roughly be 100 dollars for 1 night. All your day, you will be moving a lot, so you must include transportation. It will be around 100-150 dollars for a whole week. At least eating the mediocre basic cuisine will ask you for 25 dollars each day for eating out. Apart from all these necessary expenses, keep 100 dollars for the safe side. The total estimate for you can range from 1800-1900 dollars.


Although Bali is a small island, it has pretty much more than enough must-visit places. There is no chance of a boring holiday of Bali experience. It has so many attractions, including temples, forests, terraces, beaches, shopping centres, and much more. Bali has all the natural kinds of beauties. It has mountains, lakes, greenery, beaches, small islands, landscapes, worth-watching waterfalls, etc. You will never be bored with shopping there. It includes handmade dresses to high-quality top-selling boutiques. The people from there are also very popular because of their hospitality and their friendly nature. Their interest in talking nicely to everyone makes tourists feel like belonging to this place.     

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