Antelope Canyon On Your Own in 2021: Tips And Tricks

Having a distance of 10 minutes from Page near the border shared by Arizona and Utah, the magnificent Antelope Canyon, is a very popular attraction, with batches of tours visiting every day. However, these tours charge a lot!

Their package starts from $50 – $60 for normal tours and can go up to $80 – $90 for photography tours, in which you can stay for a maximum of only two hours! Two hours for a place as breathtaking as this, formed by millions of years of corrosion from ocean waves!

Did you know that you can visit Antelope Canyon on your own very easily? Keep reading this article to know how.

Can You Visit Antelope Canyon On Your Own?

You must be thinking if you can hike the Antelope Canyon on your own?

To answer your question, you definitely can!

How To Visit Antelope Canyon On Your Own?

You must be wondering how to get to the Antelope Canyon? Do not worry, we will tell you how to do so in a few simple steps!

The nearest airport to Antelope Canyon is the Page airport. After a few minutes’ drive from Page, you will arrive at the Antelope Canyon entrance gate. An $8 fee permit is required for each member that wants to pass.

You do not need any special transport of the sorts of a Four Wheeler, since the roads from Page are perfectly paved. After entering through the gate, our means of transport are the local trucks, which will take us into the Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. Last-minute tours are very common, sometimes the entrance ticket fee is even halved for last-minute tourists. In this way, you can visit Antelope Canyon on your own at a lower cost. You can also visit without a tour guide if you reach the destination very early and follow other groups led by guides. Refer to this Antelope Canyon Map to get a clearer view of the road to this picturesque destination.


  • If you plan to visit Antelope Canyon on your own, you need to check firstly the Weather and pack your clothes accordingly. Arrange suitable transport depending on the number of people coming with you. Book hotels according to your budget, preferably one which is near the Canyon, and arrange easy to carry snacks and drinks.
  • Have a proper breakfast before heading out on your journey. In the “Food to eat” category, you can find a list of restaurants as near as 5.7 miles to the Canyon.
  • Buy your ticket permits from the entrance and head out for the Canyon. Take pictures along the way, set up a campfire; make your journey as memorable as possible!

Advantages Of Visiting Antelope Canyon On Your Own

There are various advantages of going without a guided tour. You can fully explore the Canyon on your own. There will be no time constraint imposed upon you. You will also have the opportunity of befriending local Navajos.

The whole Canyon, especially the Upper Antelope Canyon is very easy to cross. This experience will develop your confidence and allow you to reflect on your decisions. There will also be no restriction on you if you wish to take unlimited photographs. Standard tours do not allow you to take a DSLR camera and tripod along, to take them; you need to pay an extra $40!

When travelling on your own, no one can impose these rules on you.

How Much Does It Cost

For an average adult, a tour package of $80 is charged which includes all taxes. After including the cost of transport, hotel rent, and food, the package comes to approximately $120.

However, if you visit it on your own, your expenses come down to $75. And who would not like to save some cash, right?

Try your best to travel in the early morning hours because till midday, the packages tend to rise quite high and at night time, thefts might happen; as per the policy of Navajo Parks and Recreation, the Authorities will not be responsible if any kind of thefts occurs.

Here is a table that will help you understand the costs to hike Antelope Canyon on your own:

Activity Cost ($)
Transport from Page to Antelope National Park 8
Rent for Hotel Room 37
Boat ride 20
Food and Refreshments 10
Total Cost 75

General Information

When To Hike Antelope Canyon

The most ideal time to visit the Canyon with a tour or on your own is in summer, from April to September. Try to go on a day trip, reaching as early as 10:00 AM because, by this time, the Canyon’s classic light beams become visible. 

Upper Antelope Canyon

The Upper Antelope Canyon is more famous and widely suggested for exploring because of its flat trails and is thereby ideal for adventurers. The Lower Antelope  Canyon is comparatively steeper and difficult to cross, and thus not as popular. You can set up camps and your grilling stands in the Canyon.

If you intend on staying overnight, remember to carry a flashlight and moth repellent along!

Check Wikipedia page for the Lower Canyon details.

Antelope Canyon Upper Tour

Hiking Antelope Canyon on your own need some freetime and seome preparation. If you don’t have availability to plan your trip, check below our selected tours:

The Best Places To Visit

Below the most recommended places to see when visiting Antelope Canyon on your own:

  1. Lake Powell
  2. Horseshoe Bend
  3. Glen Canyon Dam Overlook
  4. Hanging Garden Hike
Antelope Canyon Without A tour

Clothes To Wear

Your dressing totally depends on the time of the year you are going. For winters, a jacket, T-shirt, and jeans are recommended; the Canyon tends to get cold since it is shaded so these layers will come in handy. Opt for close-toed shoes since the terrain is dusty. You can also have a boat lunch after your trip, so make sure you pack appropriately before going on your own.

Regulations And Rules

  • Keep on your assigned tracks. Do not meddle with the rocks and cut switchbacks because it leads to soil erosion.
  • Do not burn anything. Wildfires can start instantaneously and burn all vegetation and livestock.
  • In case you plan on bringing your pet along, it has to be on a leash, to protect others.
  • Photographs or videos require a permit from the Navajo Parks & Recreation
  • Firearms are not allowed.
  • The Navajo Nation will not be responsible for any harm to anyone.
  • Tourists are not allowed to consume or carry alcoholic drinks and illegal drugs with them.
  • Do not trespass into the Navajo residential property. Do not take Navajo natives’ pictures without asking for their permission.


To summarize all this, as you can easily hike Antelope Canyon on your own and explore it on an economical budget, it has to be on the top of your list.

If you are interested in visiting other famous places in the USA on your own, check our exclusive guides here.

We hope that this article was helpful for you and now traveling without a guided tour has become easier for you! Where do you plan on spending your vacations this time? Tell us in the comments section below!

Antelope Canyon On Your Own: Tips and tricks
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Antelope Canyon On Your Own: Tips and tricks
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