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The present article will list the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam which you can also find on the Amsterdam Tourist Map.

Except for the most world-weary traveler on the planet, there is something exceptional about Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The olive-green canals of the city and the magnificent gabled mansions are indeed stunning. Still, perhaps, above all, the taste of the city appeals to its residents, who are an innovative and inventive bunch that literally brings the place to life.

Amsterdam Sightseeing Map For The Tourists:

Amsterdam goes far beyond when it comes to exploring than its notorious dark side. Here you’ll discover hundreds of art museums (from the modern to the traditional), stunning parks, nice outdoor cafés, plenty of history and joy of nature. Isn’t that amazing!? 

This town is by far one of the most magnificent on the planet. There’s nothing like a canal cruise on a sunny day or a book reading in Vondelpark! It’s better to print your Amsterdam sightseeing tourist map at home before you leave because then it will be easier for you to find and track sights during your visit to Amsterdam.

We will be providing you with a rundown of the most stunning and must-visit tourist attractions in Amsterdam you can visit, and with the combined Amsterdam Tourist Map you will be conveniently able to schedule your journey!

So without any further ado, below is a list of the most popular attractions which will help you out in easily planning your tour around the city.

The Canal Belt

the canal belt

Representing the spirit of Amsterdam, the four canals of the 17th century that weave through the city center are the fun of walking around and enjoying a boat ride. Accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is home to many photogenic structures from the Golden Age of Amsterdam. 

You can also see the world go by at one of the several canal-side cafes and bars. It is one of Amsterdam’s best and most vibrant tourist attractions in Amsterdam, and you can easily find it on the Amsterdam tourist map. 


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One of Amsterdam’s most famous attractions and definitely its most valuable art repository – the Rijksmuseum (National Museum) was established in 1798 to house the country’s large collection of classic art and antiques. The museum’s remarkable collection contains a million cultural objects dating from the 13th century to the present day, including more than 8,000 significant paintings spread over 250 halls in this massive structure.

In addition to its artwork, the Rijksmuseum has a well-stocked collection of over 35,000 books and manuscripts, as well as a number of interesting exhibits about the development of art and culture in the Netherlands. Of particular interest are its collections of traditional crafts, medieval sculptures, and contemporary forms of painting. You can easily navigate the Rijksmuseum on the Amsterdam tourist map in case you are unable to find it out!

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum
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This is one of the most popular places you’ll find on the Amsterdam tourist map. A must-see for art fans and historians, the remarkable Van Gogh Museum has been one of Amsterdam’s top attractions since it opened in 1972. Dedicated to the often turbulent life and remarkable artistry of one of the country’s most respected painters, this contemporary Gerrit Rietveld-designed building is devoted to the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and objects, most of which has been donated by his brother Theo, and other family members.


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Amsterdam’s beloved green area, Vondelpark – which divides the city’s Oud-West and Oud-Zuid neighborhoods – is perfect for a walk, a bike ride, or a picnic. Along with its restful lawns, rivers, and twisting roads, there are cafés, playgrounds, and an open-air theatre. It is also an outdoor art museum, with more than 60 sculptures dotted on its grounds, including one modeled by Picasso. You can visit the Vondelpark using the Amsterdam tourist map to help you locate it easily.

Dam Square

Amsterdam city map

Dam Square is among Amsterdam’s most tourist-packed places, and for good cause. The most famous characteristic is the 17th-century Royal Palace (Koninklijk Palace), the former residence of the Dutch royal family and the main site for royal functions.

Dam Square also is home to popular tourist attractions such as the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk), the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and the National Memorial Statue, devoted to Dutch soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War.

This large public square is, of course, lined with various cafes, restaurants, and stores and is typically full of food and souvenir vendors. Tourists can also find a Ferris wheel, ideal for getting a spectacular view, as well as lots of good entertainment, from street artists and buskers to top-notch music festivals. Make sure you are carrying your printable Amsterdam tourist map so you can easily locate and explore dam square and other sites in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House
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Visiting the location where Anne and her family had been hidden from the Nazis in an underground apartment in de Jordaan before being sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp is a compelling experience.

You’ll see her bedroom (with pictures of Hollywood stars and her diary), papers and other belongings, as well as newsreels and immersive displays in this poignant museum. Tickets are always very popular and in demand. If you don’t want to miss out on visiting this amazing site then don’t forget to keep your printed Amsterdam tourist map with you!

ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Identified locally as Natura Artis Magistra, ARTIS is the oldest zoo in mainland Europe and includes more than 900 species of animals. It houses the “museum” microbe, as well as the aquarium, the planetary, and more. It is also a treat to walk around the attractive landscaped grounds. You can refer to the Amsterdam tourist map to get its location.

Map Of Amsterdam City Centre

A map is very essential when you are traveling on your own without a guided tour, plus it makes the exploring and locating process a lot easier so you can conveniently roam around and visit all the new places you want.  

We have mentioned above the best tourist attractions in Amsterdam that you can easily find on the Amsterdam tourist map as well as the Amsterdam city center map on which you can also very easily navigate the nearby places to your accommodation such as hospital, parking, police stations, etc. 


To summarize, you can access the Amsterdam tourist map to help you explore the city! Pair it with our best tourist destinations in the article, and make the most of your trip to Amsterdam! Don’t forget to share your experiences with us in the comments! 

Amsterdam Tourist Map: Top 7 Sights To Discover | TripTrop
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