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“Life is short, and the world is wide” so why not take advantage of our time in the world and spend it exploring it. But whenever travelling comes up, the question that arises is how to afford to travel? Well, let me tell you something, you don’t have to be rich to attain your goal of travelling. There are several ways to travel on a budget, what you have to do is be smart! Come on let’s find out ways to afford to travel.

How To Afford Traveling

Ever heard the phrase if there is a will there’s a way? Are you a travel lover but don’t have enough to just get up and move? No problem! Many travel bloggers are not rich but innovative. Let’s steal their ideas about how they afford to travel.

  • Booking cheaper flights: 
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You see when it’s high travelling season particularly holidays the flights are considerably expensive. So if you are looking to travel cheaper, abstain from booking your flight in the high season. Rather look for sales and sign up to agencies that offer them yearly.

  • Make your business trips longer: 

People usually dread business trips because all they are thinking about is work but hey! It could be an opportunity for you to go explore a new place. You can always extend a day or two to stroll around and the good news is your trip expenses were paid by your company and even the hotel accommodations. So it’s a win-win situation business with pleasure and you didn’t even have to pay for it. Your work colleague may even be your guide and take you to his favourite places. 

  •  Savings: 

Are you a spendthrift? Well, you need to quit being one of you to save money. Save every penny you can! cut down on your daily costly restaurant trips, everyday pizza consumption, and Shopping sprees. Plan the cash-saving strategy that will work best for you. Motivate yourself by reading travel blogs and creating your pin on Pinterest of potential destinations and various food cuisine you’ll love to try think of you much fun would it to voyage around the world once you save enough. 

  • Get some travel guide books: 

You’ll be surprised how many ways are there to travel the world. One of the promising ways that help you save money is by using Guidebooks to travel independently. There is this amazing guidebook called “Lonely Planet” it has information about nearly all the attractions of the world with maps and restaurant suggestions you will find from the cheapest to the big-budget eateries in town. 

This way you can save the expense of hiring a tour guide just use Google Maps to help you navigate and you are good to go. What is amazing about these guidebooks is that they give accommodation guidance from people who have lived there so they tell you all the pros and cons and affordable housing. 

  • Be creative: 

Let me tell you a very smart way to save money: you can find a housing gig. Some people live in another state but have places in different states so they need house sitters for their house from time to time. You can offer to be that person besides saving money it will also provide you with equipped kitchen, fridge, furniture and good wifi connection. 

  • Eat-in: 

I know that when you are travelling it’s more fun to eat out but if you want to have extra money to keep travelling, try making your meal by yourself. You can shop where they shop and eat what they eat just to find out a cheap way to prepare your food yourself. 

  • Commuting:

The best way to commute is by foot to the places that are near and by local busses and subways to places that are far. It will allow you to take everything in, get the feel of your surroundings, and interact with locals before you reach your destination. All of that with the added bonus of saving you money. 

  • International phone plans:

International data charges can be very expensive and run out relatively quickly so rather than spending your valuable savings on them consider buying a local sim card. As soon as you arrive at the airport head over to the franchise and get it. Then you will get enough data to last you through WhatsApp, Google maps, and research. 

  • Find a job overseas: 

There are so many professions you can choose from and look for a job overseas just to save enough money to fulfil your travel fantasy. Look for a job in places that have higher currency rates so you can save good money. 

  • Use Dorms: 

Hostel dorm rooms are very reasonable accommodation. The bigger the dorm, the cheaper it is. If you don’t mind the company and are okay with not having much privacy, these dorms are your safest bet. 

How To Save On Plane Tickets

Whenever we think about travelling the first thing that comes to mind is how to afford to travel by air? How will we pay for the fare? We have got some solutions for you! Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Make good use of the Travel Credit Card! 

Travel credit cards reward you with travelling trips oftentimes providing points on the travel-related bargains and hefty signup bonuses. With which you can pay for your accommodations and plane ride. 

  • Airline Loyalty Program: 

Are you a frequent flier? Great. Make sure you use all the major airline alliances. Basically what they do is honour the frequent flier and they offer bonuses that make it easy to afford the airlines. 

  • What profession do you have? 

You are a passionate traveller then you may as well become a pilot or an aircraft engineer this way you won’t ever have to worry about the travel money. All you have to go is to choose a profession that favours your passion.


So when are you starting to save up to live your dream? Go, travel! Your money will return in time but youth won’t. It’s an investment in yourself. All you have to do to afford to travel is be smart and make small sacrifices. All of it will be worth it in the end, trust us!

Discover how to afford to travel: the complete guide | TripTrop
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Discover how to afford to travel: the complete guide | TripTrop
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